• To paraphrase William Shakespear: “shall we compare these blueberry yoghurt and granadilla lollies to a summer’s day?

    These lollies are quite a treat when it’s hot outside. We love making a few for pool parties, or just to snack on during those hot summer’s days. It’s a treat the whole family will love. If you’re looking for something a bit more grown-up, try this duo of iced bubbly lollies and rosé ruby grapefruit lollies.

    Recipe by Sarah Dall

    Blueberry, yoghurt and granadilla lollies

    Serves: 4
    Cooking Time: 15 minutes + overnight freezing


    • 200g frozen blueberries
    • 500g (2 cups) low-fat Bulgarian yoghurt
    • 3 granadillas, halved and pulp scooped out
    • 100g fresh blueberries



    Place the frozen blueberries in a blender and blitz to a smooth purée. Press the purée through a fine sieve and set aside


    Mix together the yoghurt and granadilla pulp, fold in the blueberry purée and fresh blueberries to create a blueberry swirl. Pour into moulds and freeze. After 30 minutes, place a lolly stick in each mould and freeze until solid.


    Dip the lollies in cold water to loosen from the moulds and serve immediately.


    ADULT SPIKE: Add 10ml (2 tsp) cassis to the frozen blueberry purée

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