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Chocolate Cake

Swiss walnut and chocolate cake recipe

Swiss walnut and chocolate cake

Swiss walnut and chocolate cake pairs perfect decadence together. There’s nothing like the combination of nuts and chocolate, and the proof is in this cake. Recipe by Eric Lanlard…

Chocolate-coffee cake recipe

Chocolate-coffee cake

How could you possibly go wrong when the two primary ingredients are almost universally-adored? Chocolate-coffee cake is the perfect dessert or afternoon cake, full of flavour and deliciously moist. Recipe…

Frozen tiramisu mousse cake recipe

Frozen tiramisu mousse cake

Let dessert take centre stage this Christmas with a frozen tiramisu mousse cake. This lovely layered treat is sure to be an instant crowd-pleaser. Decadent, rich, and irresistible! Cook’s…

Chocolate truffle cake recipe

Chocolate truffle cake

Recipe by Anna Montali Photography by Graeme Borchers  If you liked this recipe, then you will definitely also enjoy these coffee and/or chocolate cake recipes: Coffee, dark chocolate and…

Dark-chocolate Guinness cake recipe

Dark-chocolate Guinness cake

Dark-chocolate Guinness cake is perfect to whip up on Saint Paddy’s Day. The Guinness makes this cake so deliciously moist! If you prefer, use any non-alcoholic beer in the recipe…