• We’ve seen an explosion of flavour-infused artisanal gins emerge recently – meaning we’re starting to demand more than just a juniper-berry taste from our gin! Instead of spending a small fortune on a special bottle of craft-distilled gin, why don’t you pimp that cheapie in your booze cabinet and create a fabulously unique toffee version? Finely crush a 150g packet of Werther’s Original Classic Cream Candies and combine with 250ml (1 cup) gin. Allow to stand for 10 minutes so the toffees soften a little, before blitzing the gin-toffee mixture in a blender. Leave for about 1 hour to infuse, stirring occasionally. Serve 1 shot (25ml) or 2 in a glass filled with ice and top with either tonic water, lemonade or ginger ale, as well as fresh mint leaves to garnish.

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