• This panettone trifle is soaked in deliciously festive spirit and is our gift to busy cooks as it’s a cinch to make.

    Serves 4 – 6 EASY 10 minutes excluding refrigeration

    This quick and easy Christmas trifle has all the wow elements!

    You’ll need:

    250ml ready-made strawberry jelly

    250ml ready-made custard

    250ml sliced strawberries

    250ml dried cranberries

    500g chocolate panettone drizzled with 100ml brandy

    500ml whipped fresh cream

    How to do it:

    Decoratively place a few spoonfuls of jelly in a serving bowl followed by a spoonful of custard.

    Sprinkle with the strawberries, cranberries and panettone, and spoon over some cream.

    Continue in layers ending with the cream. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

    Recipe by Anna Montali and Michele Cranston

    Photograph by Vanessa Grobler

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    Imka Webb

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