Rose water and gooseberry cheesecake-filled Easter eggs

April 3, 2019
Rose water and gooseberry cheesecake-filled Easter eggs

A fun dessert for the whole family!

Recipe and styling by Illanique van Aswegen

Photograph by Adel Ferreira

Makes 8 EASY 40 mins

Remove the top third of 8 x 20g hollow chocolate Easter eggs. Place each one in an egg cup. Crush 6 (50g) coconut biscuits until fine and divide among the Easter eggs. Blitz 160g plain cream cheese at room temperature, 125ml (½ cup) fresh cream, 80ml (1/3 cup) honey, 20ml (4 tsp) rose water and 5ml (1 tsp) vanilla essence with a stick blender until smooth. Spoon it into the Easter eggs and refrigerate, at least 15 minutes. Blitz 50g gooseberries and 15ml (1 tbsp) apricot jam, using a stick blender, until smooth. Make an indent in the filling of each Easter egg and gently spoon in some of the gooseberry sauce to make it look like an egg yolk. Refrigerate, about 10 minutes. Garnish with fresh mint, if desired.


The gooseberry sauce can also be piped into the centre of the Easter eggs using a small piping bag.

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