• Recipe by Taryne Jakobi

    Salt and pepper caramelised macadamia nuts

    Serves: 200g
    Cooking Time: 15 mins


    • 200g macadamia nuts/shelled almonds
    • 30g butter
    • 100g castor sugar
    • 2,5ml (½ tsp) Maldon sea salt
    • pinch cayenne pepper
    • pinch coarsely ground black pepper



    Place the nuts in a frying pan over medium heat and dry-roast for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, until very lightly coloured and toasted. You can also do this in the oven but watch them very carefully!


    Add the butter to the pan and, when melted, add the sugar. Stir to coat the nuts in the sugar as it caramelises, 5 – 8 minutes. Add the salt and peppers and stir to combine. The sugar will turn golden brown when it is ready.


    Pour the mixture onto a sheet of grease-proof paper or a silicone mat and allow to cool. Break up the nuts that have clumped together. Serve as is, or pack into cellophane bags, tie with string, attach a gift tag and give with love!