Winter cocktail recipes to celebrate Women’s Day!

August 8, 2023
Bisquit VS Pink Lady Double Cocktail-min

Celebrate Women’s Day with delightful winter cocktails from the Bisquit & Dubouche collection. Their superb recipes are ideal for the season. Embrace the chill while treating your taste buds to the warmth of B&D’s creations.

The Pink Lady

Bisquit VS Pink Lady Single Cocktail-min

Photo: Supplied


– 35 ml Bisquit VS
– 15 ml Grand Marnier
– 15 ml Lime Juice
– 75 ml Cranberry Juice


Shake the ingredients. Strain into a tall glass with ice. Top with Soda.
Garnish suggestion: Dried apricot & Thyme

Strawberry Highball

Bisquit VS Strawberry Highball Single Cocktail

Photo: Supplied


– 50ml Bisquit VS
– 12 ml Woolworths Strawberry & mint syrup
– 25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
– Soda Water (Top up)


Fill vessel with ice and follow the sequence of the ingredients.
Garnish suggestion: Mint Bouquet

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Recipe and images: Supplied/Bisquit & Dubouche

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