• In the world of culinary arts, there are chefs who cook for a living, and then there are chefs who live to cook. Chef Funi falls into the latter category, as his culinary journey is a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication to cooking. From a young age, his grandmother’s traditional South African dishes ignited his culinary curiosity. Today, he is a celebrated chef with a remarkable story to tell.

    Among his favourite dishes to prepare, scones hold a special place in Chef Funi’s heart. Some people fondly call him the ‘Scone King’ because he always has scones at home. His love for baking stems from his mother, a pastor’s wife. The family often had visitors to their home for whom she would bake scones daily. Scones are more than just a culinary delight to him; they hold precious memories of his late father and the  moments he shared with him during his childhood.

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