4 non-conforming gatsbys to add to your must-try list in Cape Town

April 23, 2023 (Last Updated: April 13, 2023)
Lekker Vegan gatsby

In Cape Town, the great and majestic (read greasy and messy, in the most delicious way) Gatsby is always the number one answer when looking for a ‘vuil dyt’ to satisfy any carb cravings. We all know and love our local Gatsby giants such as Super Fisheries, Cosy Corner, and Aneeesa’s.

However, just as any beloved baby grows up and changes, so too does the Gatsby.


Here are 4 Gatsbys that put a spin on the classic large submarine bread roll filled with chips, sauces, and fillings:

One for the vegans

Deemed the home of gourmet vegan junk food, it seems almost mandatory that some form of Gatsby should appear somewhere on The Lekker Vegan’s menu and, of course, it did not disappoint. The Lekker Gatsby offers a vegan beef or chicken option and a choice of ‘lekker’ or spicy sauce.

Picture: @lekkervegan / Instagram
  • Location: Palmhof Shopping Center, 105 Kloof St Shop 11A1, Gardens
  • Website: lekkervegan.co.za

A Submarine sandwich, but make it flat

A freshly baked naan bread is a heavenly pairing to Indian cuisine, but who would have thought that it partners equally as well with chips, salad, spice, and sauce too? Zaika, that’s who. Their specialty dish offers both Tandoori chicken and Masala steak in a flame-grilled naan bread Gatsby.

Picture: @shmackles / Instagram
  • Location: No 8, Kromboom Gardens Centre, Corner of Kroomboom Road & Burwood Road, Crawford
  • Website: zaika.co.za

Now make it flatter

Sunrise Chip ’N Ranch took things one step further by swapping bread rolls with roti and filling them with variations of mutton, chicken, cheese, and beans. While it’s not blatantly called a roti Gatsby, the menu alludes to its association with its reference to a man-sized roti and people that have tried it pretty much blurt the word out in the testimonials.

Picture: Screenshot / Zomato.com
  • Location: 94 Main Rd, Mowbray
  • Website: sunrise-chip-n-ranch.business.site

The Thing

Aptly named The Thing, this Gatsby turned roti wrap from Cape to Curry pays homage to the Gatsby through its large proportion and standard filling of chips, cheese, and salad. Beyond this, The Thing takes a cheesy and extra spicy twist by offering a cheeseburger filling as well as spicy mutton or beans curry.

Picture: Cape To Curry / Facebook
  • Location: 94c Monte Vista Blvd, Monte Vista
  • Website: cape-to-curry.business.site

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Written by Tauhira Ajam for Cape {town} Etc.

Picture: @lekkervegan / Instagram

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