• Every now and then, cooking is just too much of a mission. But where do you order takeout from when you don’t eat meat? Here are five spots:

    1. Nourish’d

    This plant-based, zero-waste cafe and juicery is a well-known Cape Town spot. Sure to make you feel powered up by what you put into your body, takeaways from Nourish’d are always a good choice.

    Along with delicious juices and smoothies, you can also order amazing plant-based meals, from something light to a solid dish that will fill you up. Nourish’d is available on OrderIn and UberEats.

    Picture: UberEats

    2. Lekker Vegan

    Lekker Vegan is a great option if you’re in the mood for some oily, movie night style takeout. Acting on the idea that non-meat eaters don’t just want salads all the time, the restaurant gives you a chance to eat some yummy junk food – meat-free!

    Lekker Vegan offers plenty of dishes to satisfy all of the cravings, from vegan “chicken” and “beef” gatsbys to nuggets and kebabs.

    Picture: HappyCow

    3. Spur

    Spur? This place isn’t vegan! No, it’s not primarily. However, taking note of the shift to plant-based diets, Spur has added a great veggie range to their menu.

    The South African classic now offers vegan versions of their iconic burgers and schnitzels, and they’re mouth-watering. Spur is available on Mr. D and UberEats.

    Picture: Spur

    4. BamBoo Plant Power

    BamBoo Plant Power is a restaurant that focuses on producing food that is good for our bodies and for the planet. Their plant-based menu includes innovative veggie foods, such as mushroom “bacon”.

    Ordering from here, you can get something healthy but also be able to finish off with a sweet treat, such as their peanut butter pie. BamBoo Plant Power is available on Mr. D and UberEats.

    Picture: Facebook / BamBoo Plant Power

    5. Nando’s

    Although Nando’s is pretty much known for a place to go when you want to eat chicken, they’ve recently come out with an extensive – and amazing – veggie menu. All of their veggie meals are cooked on separate grills.

    From vegetable-based burgers to halloumi wraps and avo pitas, Nando’s doesn’t just offer meat-free meals, but particularly interesting and yummy ones. Nando’s is available on Mr. D and UberEats.

    Picture: Nando’s

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    Written by Jules Keohane for Cape {town} Etc.

    Feature image: baibaz via Getty Images