• We all know the etiquette rules of modern dining: no elbows on the table, neatly place your napkin across your lap, don’t begin eating before everyone else has, and have your camera ready to go. Nowadays, posting your meals on social media is as important as chewing before you swallow, and the results are often just as drool-worthy online as they are in first-hand reality. Food is art, and no one knows this better than these international foodie Instagrammers.



    Prepare to be very hungry and very jealous. Sydney citizen Michael Shen, who “live[s] and breathe[s] food 24/7” is definitely trying to convert the rest of us to his way of life, and we aren’t putting up a fight. Salivate over Tasmanian seafood, Japanese temarizushi and a Singapore chilli crab lobster roll as he traverses borders and eats everything he can along the way. Michael understands that the best way to cure a bad day is with shaved ice & bubur cha cha, and is a staunch advocate of Friday cocktails on a Monday. Basically, he’s the perfect foodie self-help guru.




    A true testament to savouring the fruits of his labour, New Dehli based Shivesh Bhatia is a self-taught gourmet whose baked delights are as good as it gets. His feed is sprinkled with sugar, drowned in caramel, and photographed so artistically that you might mistake a vanilla panna cotta for an intricately carved piece of marble. And if you’re stuck between lusting after these desserts and being too intimidated to try and create them yourself, this flour and butter progeny has you covered with his easy-to-follow recipes.  Baking has never been easier than when it’s done with Shivesh.




    Healthy eating never looked so good! Self-proclaimed “recipe developer and health nut” Lee Tilghman is a caterer, food photographer, yoga instructor, wellness writer and more, cooking and eating in Los Angeles. In between rainbow smoothies and emerald avocados, you’ll marvel at Lee’s yoga aptitude and appreciate her love for the outdoors. She is the kind of Instagram foodie who doesn’t shy away from candid discussions about her health and women’s health in general, which makes her even more refreshingly appealing! Sun, sand, flowers, personal care and chia pudding are the perfect combination.




    Enchiladas and Dum Aloo and pesto, oh my! Phoenix-based food blogger Shweta Arora is a lover of all things homemade, and her culinary skills speak for themselves. From baking to frying to dicing to marinating, you’ll find a recipe that Shweta breaks down simply enough for even the most amateur of cooks. The best part of this drool-worthy feed? Its multinationalism! Shweta doesn’t shy away from dabbling in the cookery arts of Italy, Mexico, India and China to name a few. There’s something so satisfying about classic American chocolate chip cookies next to a comforting bowl of Dal and Zeera rice.




    Is the kitchen too hot, or are you just scrolling through Kevin Alexander’s Instagram feed? When he’s not doing push-ups, this fit foodie is whipping up healthy dishes of deliciousness that don’t compromise on flavour or nutrients. This wellbeing-dedicated account was born out of a desire for self-improvement, as Kevin realised the fruitlessness of trying to out-train a bad diet. He moved from junk food junkie to healthy eating aficionado, and shares a trove of recipes and challenges to inspire others to do the same. According to Kevin, “our bodies are built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym”, and it’s difficult to argue with his results.




    Warning: do not scroll through Londoner Izy Hossack’s feed on an empty stomach. Currently studying Food Science & Nutrition, Izy is transforming the concept of ‘student cooking’ with her gorgeous handmade creations. This heavenly account will inspire you to put down that unfortunate cup of instant noodles and get out your measuring spoons! With everything from vegan delicacies to tarts to pastas, Izy has something for everyone. Her recipes combine well-known ingredients and flavours, innovatively updated to create something new and scrumptious. The best thing about Izy is that she won’t judge you for eating batter straight out of the bowl – she’s guilty of the same delicious habit!




    This is the perfect mashup of gorgeous food and star-struck wanderlust. Melissa Hie, resident of Singapore but also an apparent citizen of the world, will have your stomach rumbling and your hands grabbing for a (probably non-existent) plane ticket as she jets off to the globe’s most dazzling locations, always with something delicious in hand.  This travelling guru has been everywhere from Hong Kong to Prague, and has the Nai huang bao and Trdelník to prove it. Keep an eye out for famous landmarks and signature dishes (Pudina Paratha at the Taj Mahal seems too good to be true, but Melissa has done it) as you scroll through this virtual scrapbook of global culinary delights.

    By Virginia Boshoff