• Elgin Railway Market is a feast for the senses. Located in the heart of our very own “apple country,” otherwise known as Grabouw, this market is a great midweek escape and the perfect way to kickstart your weekend mornings.

    Live music, check. Good food, double-check. An 80-year-old steam train, triple-check.

    Nestled in an old apple warehouse that was originally built in the 1940s by Italian prisoners of war, the market can today be described as a “bustling steampunk, art deco” experience.

    This market is an experience, no doubt. Enhancing the old station feel is an 80-year-old steam train that rolls past the market every weekend.


    The market is located next to an old railway track, so you can enjoy this roaring scene from the station’s platform or view its arrival from the market’s leisure deck. We guarantee the kids – and stream train enthusiasts, of course – will revel in the thunderous hooting, whistling, and puffing experience .

    Picture: @elginrailwaymarket / Instagram

    Visitors also have the chance to hop on the train and explore its interior. The steam train stays in the station until around 2.15pm, when it then heads back to Cape Town.

    But the old railway station and steam train aren’t the only things that this awesome market has to offer.

    Enjoy live music while you stroll and explore the countless stalls available. From artisan cheese to Dim Sum, Elgin Railway Market has a delicious option for everyone. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy too, including a jungle gym, roundabout and indoor and outdoor climbing walls.

    Picture: @elginrailwaymarket / Instagram


    • Location: Oak Avenue, Elgin
    • Operating hours: Monday to Friday (Steam Coffee Shop) 8am to 4pm | Wednesdays and Fridays (bar and limited selection food vendors) 4.00pm to 8.30pm | Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm
    • Train tickets and bookings: ceresrail.co.za | from R450 (children) and R625 (adults)

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    Written by Tauhira Ajam for Cape {town} Etc.

    Feature image: @elginrailwaymarket / Instagram