• In the spirit of togetherness that often accompanies the blessed month of Ramadan, the Bo-Kaap community has cordially invited all to gather in the heart of the old Cape Malay Quarter for a mass street iftaar this Friday.

    The iconic Wale and Rose Streets will transform into giant boeka tables on 31 March where hundreds of families, friends and strangers will gather to break their fast together – and everyone’s invited, no fasting required.

    Bring along a plate or two of goodies to share and be embraced by the warming sense of cultural unity that seems to radiate from these pebbled roads, colourful houses and friendly faces that make up the Bo-Kaap community.

    Food and soup will be provided too.

    Picture: Our Bo Kaap / Facebook
    Picture: Our Bo Kaap / Facebook
    Picture: Our Bo Kaap / Facebook

    A Bo-Kaap community collaboration, the newly formed tradition began in 2018, when gentrification and social challenges threatened the rich cultural heritage that makes this region so well known and loved.

    Organiser Shafwaan Laubscher told IOL, ‘The now dissolved organisation Bokaap Youth initiated a mass boeka as a form of uniting the community and upholding the spirit of giving in the month of Ramadan. This was also used as a medium of protest’.

    Since then, it has not only become a highlighted event in Bo-Kaap’s annual calendar but has sprouted similar gatherings in various other communities across the Cape and the country.

    Picture: Munier Parker / Facebook


    • Date: Friday, 31 March 2023
    • Location: Wale and Rose Streets, Bokaap
    • Time: Road closures will be implemented from 4.30pm | Iftaar begins at 6.46pm

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    Written by Tauhira Ajam for Cape {town} Etc.

    Feature image: Our Bo Kaap / Facebook