Why this classic film-inspired café on Kloof is loved by locals

February 23, 2023 (Last Updated: February 20, 2023)

Kloof Street is one of the busiest and trendiest spots in our city, and there is almost an endless number of eateries and bars on the street’s must-visit list. Here’s one: a classic film-inspired cafe loved by locals.

Rick’s Café Américain, originally on Park Road, just off Kloof Street, has settled comfortably into its 3-storey Victorian building after moving onto Kloof in 2020.

Picture: Rick’s Café Américain

Since its opening, the spot has become one of town’s top drinking spots with its buzzing atmosphere and daily specials. Rick’s intention is to have the feeling that you are walking into a friend’s home for dinner.

The eatery is designed in a style inspired by the 1942 classic film, Casablanca.

The menu offers a seasonal selection of  global tapas, and the “aviation” cocktail bar has one of the country’s biggest beverage selections, including an award-winning selection of wines, over 100 tequila brands and over 200 gin, rum and vodka options.

Picture: Rick’s Café Américain
Picture: Rick’s Café Américain

The great thing about Rick’s is that it doesn’t offer just one scene. You can come for lunch on the balcony, sundowners on the roof deck or a fancy dinner.

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Feature image: Rick’s Café Américain

Written by Jules Keohane for Cape {town} Etc.

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