• In time for the cooler months, we’ve done our homework to present you with a guide to where you’ll want to cosy up, chat away and sip some of Cape Town’s finest cocktails this winter.

    Planet Bar at the Mount Nelson

    The Planet Bar at Mount Nelson buzzes year-round with locals and travellers alike. Step into a world where every sip becomes a journey, crafted by talented mixologists; this inner-city hotspot serves classic cocktails with a contemporary twist.

    Mount Nelson’s Sommelier, Keegan Terry, uncorks his signature cocktail, Million Roses: ‘It’s a twist on the original cocktail from the Grand Europe; a stylish and storied Belmond Hotel in central St. Petersburg. We named this cocktail “Million Roses” after the vast rose gardens that garnish Mount Nelson’s grounds.’

    The “Million Roses” libation features a refined blend of ingredients that harmonise flawlessly. Premium vodka (50ml), fresh Mount Nelson honey (15ml), and freshly squeezed grapefruit (15ml). To finish, a dash of rose water which adds a subtle floral note while a crowning touch of local MCC imparts effervescence and celebratory charm. Artfully presented and served in an elegant champagne flute.

    Open daily from noon to 11PM.

    Address: 76 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

    The Bar in The Red Room by Chefs Warehouse

    Welcome to a hidden hotspot with devilishly good drinks. Spearheaded by Chefs Warehouse, The Bar in The Red Room adds new flavour to the Mount Nelson Hotel’s gastronomic credentials, where mixologists craft tea-infused cocktails and offer up a selection of whiskeys and local wines. For a culinary pairing that pays homage to Asia’s tea and spice culture, opt for a time-honoured tradition: the celebrated Chefs Warehouse tapas for two concepts that feature an array of flavour-packed small plates, showcasing the breadth of Asia’s flavours.

    Descend into this underground gem, adorned with red panelling and a glimmering brass-backed bar. Showcasing original features from the hotel’s iconic 70s Grill Room, expect an experience steeped in elegance; sink into plush seating and enjoy Singapore Sours paired with grilled scallops. The Red Room’s low-lit ambience invites you to linger.

    Address: 76 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

    FYN Restaurant

    If you’re craving handcrafted concoctions, look no further than FYN. Set within a fifth-floor sanctuary, FYN boasts a bar experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Ranked #37 on the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, its epicurean offering includes bespoke cocktail creations that push the boundaries of flavour and presentation. Indulge in a drink on the balcony overlooking Cape Town’s panoramic views where you can witness the cityscape stretch out in all its splendour.

    FYN’s Beverage Director, Jennifer Hugé, takes us behind the bar: “As an apéritif, I recommend one of my hand-crafted cocktails; they’re the perfect marriage of premium spirits, home-made syrups and pressed juices and the ideal way to start your FYN Winter Experience. It wouldn’t be winter without a celebration of brandy, so I’ve created a refreshing, spicy, sweet and savoury cocktail I’ve called ‘gingerbread rooibos’.”

    From artfully crafted classics to avant-garde concoctions, each sip is a symphony of flavours designed to surprise and delight. FYN’s cocktail menu is a true testament to creativity and quality.

    Address: 5th Floor, Speakers Corner, 37 Parliament St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

    The Wine Shop by Robinson & Sinclair

    Live like a local and swap cocktails for Cabernet. Located on Loop, The Wine Shop is a boutique wine bar in the heart of the city, which beckons bona fide wine enthusiasts with its sommeliers selection of local wines.

    At The Wine Shop, you’ll meet the passionate sommelier, Stanley Zimbizi, who curates a monthly selection that showcases the best of South African wines. With an astute understanding of terroir, flavour profiles, and varietals, his expertise ensures that every bottle on offer is a masterpiece in its own right. Suitable for seasoned connoisseurs and curious newcomers, Stanley’s wine selections promise to intrigue even the most discerning palates.

    The ambiance is as captivating as the wines it houses. The rustic decor creates an inviting space where patrons can immerse themselves in the world of oenology. Whether you’re searching for a rare vintage or simply looking to sip and savour your way into the night, The Wine Shop is a destination that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of winemaking.

    Address: 199 Loop St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

    The Athletic Club & Social

    On the hunt for cocktails and a quirky night out? Make your way to a bustling 1930s-meets-Victorian bar – The Athletic Club & Social – one of the most spirited and sophisticated spots in the city. Set in the centre of downtown Cape Town, it’s a space where mixology takes centre stage, as skilful bartenders craft cocktails that will leave your taste buds in awe.

    Sample their libations amidst the backdrop of its eclectic interior. Step into the ‘30s, a bygone era, which boasts a space with indulgent design and cosy corners reminiscent of a New York-style speakeasy. From retro-inspired furnishings and vibrant colour palettes to intriguing artwork and whimsical decor elements, every corner of this historic three-storied Victorian home exudes the spirited energy known to The Athletic Club & Social.

    Address: 35 Buitengracht St, CBD, Cape Town, 8001

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