• “As a generally creative person, I think it’s so great that ‘craft’ is trending again. I plan to spend a good part of my December break sewing, painting and creating. What better place to start, then, with the latest craft trend of creating alternate Christmas trees from upcycled elements or anything you have at home.” – Samantha Lewis

    Space-saving wooden board

    Image: Polina Strelkova via Getty Images

    What you need: A wooden palette or planks, a long piece of string, crocheted stars, thumb tacks, a few Christmas baubles, pine cones and any other accessories you can find. Use the thumb tacks to shape the string into a tree and secure to the wooden planks or palette. Hang the stars and baubles along the string tree and arrange the other accessories around the base, along with your presents.

    Multi-purpose ladder

    Image: gpointstudio via Getty Images

    What you need: A stepladder, assorted fairy lights, Chinese lanterns, a moss-covered bunny or tree-top ornament of your choice and a heart-shaped lantern. Find a spot for your stepladder and arrange the lights, baubles and lanterns as desired.

    Stack of (cook)books

    Image: thomas-bethge via Getty Images

    What you need: An assortment of different-sized books, a long string of pearls or beads, beaded fairy lights, a wooden star, as well as a variety of Christmas characters and decorations. Pile your books flat, from large to small, on a shelf, forming a tree shape. Drape with fairy lights and a string of pearls or beads. Place your Christmas decorations around the base.

    Monochromatic chalkboard

    Image: RamilF via Getty Images

    What you need: Chalk and a chalkboard (you can make one at home by painting a surface with chalkboard paint), silver adhesive stars, a wooden crate and fresh herbs or flowers, like rosemary. Place your wooden crate against a will. Using the chalk, draw a free-hand Christmas tree on the chalkboard. Decorate with silver stars and place the chalkboard on top of the crate, leaning against the wall. Decorate the crate with fresh herbs or flowers and other festive objects.

    Dinnerware decor

    Image: netrun78 via Getty Images

    What you need: A wall or shelving units, an assortment of crockery in a contrasting colour to your wall, as well as attractive ornaments and organics. Use large dinner plates to create the outline of a Christmas tree along the various shelves. Fill in the ‘branches’ with the remaining crockery, ornaments and organics.

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