• Searching for the Orchid that will never die? How about a Bonsai Tree set that you get to put together yourself?

    In the age of quirky interiors, LEGO’s Botanical Collection couldn’t be more fitting. Move over faux flowers – LEGO’s ‘brick-built blossoms’ are the decor enthusiasts’ latest obsession.

    Image: LEGO

    Building on LEGO’s debut products from 2021, this year’s collection sees more brick charms in floral form. Sunflowers, Succulents, Roses, Birds of Paradise, the Bonsai Tree, Orchids, Floral Art, and a Flower Bouquet are all up for the discerning yellow thumb’s choice, and each has been designed with an intention true to that of grown flowers – to give as gifts.

    Image: LEGO

    We all know someone whose plants and flowers never seem to last longer than a few days, no matter how many Garden&Home tips you send them regularly.

    With sets that can take up to 1000 pieces to build, the brick botanicals are a time-consumingly personal way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, their home, or their lack of a green thumb.

    Image: LEGO

    LEGO even took the opportunity to remind people of the ancient symbolism behind the different flora, so that when you gift someone the Orchid set, you know you’re actually gifting love, beauty or luxury (and an immortal flower, of course).

    Even if your intention is simply to add a little LEGO love to your own space, knowing that your colour-bursting Succulents symbolise endurance in the most literal sense is uplifting in the most playful way.

    Image: LEGO

    The best part? The products are part of LEGO’s sustainability mission, so plant-based plastic element were used for some of the products, including the Bonsai Tree.

    Move over kids, it’s the decor enthusiasts’ time now

    It’s no secret that the days LEGO was ‘meant for kids’ are long gone. We carried LEGO with us to adulthood, and as design trends continue to fill the inner child with joy, this collection came at the perfect time.

    Eye-catching, conversation-starting and bold – if you’re looking for a statement piece with meaning, this set deserves a spot on your kitchen table.

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    Written by Ashleigh Nefdt for Woman&Home.

    Feature Image: LEGO