• The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour is a unique culinary experience that takes you on a journey through the colourful neighbourhood, which is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and iconic houses.

    The tour is an activity suitable for food lovers, history enthusiasts and anyone looking for a fun cultural experience.

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    During the tour, visitors get to explore the neighbourhood, visit local spice shops, and learn about the area’s history and culture. Participants also get the opportunity to cook and enjoy a traditional Cape Malay meal with a local family, who share their culinary knowledge and skills.

    Cape Malay cuisine is a fusion of traditional South African and Southeast Asian flavours, influenced by the many cultures that have passed through the region over the years.

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    The cuisine is known for its aromatic spices, such as cumin, coriander and turmeric, which are used to flavour dishes like samoosas and biryanis.

    The tour typically lasts around 4 hours, and is led by knowledgeable guides who are passionate about the history and culture of the Bo-Kaap, and the food that is central to its identity.

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    Written by Jules Keohane for Cape {town} Etc.

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