• Tequila has enjoyed enduring popularity, now basking in the limelight for noble reasons. Enthusiasts, both seasoned and new, increasingly recognise tequila’s elevated status, transitioning from its former role as a mere party shot to the pinnacle of refined spirits production.

    Don Julio’s ultra-premium tequila, crafted solely from the finest blue agave, epitomises excellence. Carefully selected after eight to 10 years of cultivation, only fully matured agave plants are utilised, ensuring a superior product. Don Julio Blanco, bottled immediately to capture its raw agave essence, boasts a rich profile of raw agave, subtle citrus notes, and a hint of pepperiness. This commitment to quality not only produces exceptional tequila but also honours the deep roots of Mexican culture within the Don Julio brand.

    Make sure to mark your calendars for the official launch of The Don’s Table in Johannesburg on 29 September. The Don’s Table is not just any tequila launch; it’s an invitation to step foot into the enchanting realm of Tierra De Don Julio, where tequila aficionados and enthusiasts alike are about to be swept off their feet on an immersive thrill ride of discovery, education, and, of course, tequila-infused celebration!

    Don Julio’s margarita recipe

    With the arrival of spring, the stage is set for backyard gatherings and elegant soirées, accompanied by cocktails fit for celebration, including the iconic Don Margarita. Crafted with the precision of a master, this signature drink embodies the essence of Don Julio himself. A fusion of Don Julio Blanco, freshly sourced ingredients, and artisanal finesse, it promises to elevate your senses. Fresh, vibrant, and unparalleled – it’s more than a margarita; it’s the ultimate experience, awaiting your toast at The Don’s Table!

    Don Julio's margarita


    • 50 ml Don Julio Blanco
    • 25 ml Lime
    • 15 ml Agave Syrup
    • Garnish: The zest of 1 lime and sea salt purposefully dusted



    Prepare a rocks glass with a salt rim


    Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker


    Add ice and shake passionately


    Strain into glass over ice


    Garnish the glass with lime zest and sea salt rim

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