We tried the Hazendal Sensory Experience and here are our thoughts (hint: we loved it!)

February 19, 2024 (Last Updated: March 28, 2024)

I had the privilege of spending the day at Hazendal Wine Estate to try their Sensory Food and Wine Pairing Experience. It was an afternoon of pure luxury and good wine.


The day began with delicious appetisers where the estate introduced its guests to the newest addition on the appetiser menu, the Spirit Aperitif. This drink has a sweet juice taste, almost resembling a fruity drink with the fun addition of an alcoholic kick.

Afterwards, we had the fortunate opportunity of a tour around the breathtaking Hazendal Wine Estate, which gave an insight into the estate’s tour package. The tour began with a deep dive into the history of this magnificent place, from the various owners and the additions they have added to the farm over time. The tour guide gave us an educational insight into the wine making process, which was my personal favourite part of the tour. Seeing all the interesting machinery used to bring us this delectable wine and the concise work placed into making sure that Hazendal wine lovers are given nothing but the best was awe inspiring. A real treat to those with a keen interest (and a love for drinking) in wine.

sensory experience

We worked up quite the appetite, which is why a food and wine pairing was the perfect ending to a fantastic tour. The Sensory Experience allows guests to indulge in luxury and pure entertainment showcasing the culinary talent of the Hazendal chefs by providing guests with a firsthand view of preparation of some of the delectable dishes. Each course is paired with a wine meant to educate both the amateur and the experienced wine taster on the various flavours that wine has when paired with different foods, from duck to pork. My favourite? The wagyu beef slider, of course!


For an afternoon of beautiful scenery and wine try and visit Hazendal Wine Estate.

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Feature image: Hazendal Wine Estate/Facebook

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