• Cape Town’s fable cocktail bar has everything required for a night out.

    Fable’s allure comes not only from its cocktails, which push the boundaries in terms of flavour and the expertise with which they’re crafted but also because the entire venue, like its drinks, exudes the promise of mystery and enjoyment.

    Josh Sarembock, whose imagination and knowledge of global cocktail culture conjured up fable, set out to bring the essence of the world’s best bars to his hometown while infusing it with uniquely South African elements.

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    The idea of using original cocktails to show off local myths and legends led Raoul Goetze, a Cape Town tattoo artist, to make characters for each myth and legend. His captivating images can be seen on the walls of the bar and even on the bartenders’ biceps.

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    At this one-of-a-kind cocktail lounge, the layered creations have been developed in tandem with local fables, and each has been through numerous iterations before it was deemed ‘perfect’.

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    Like the fable on which it is based, each drink unfolds in four parts over four seasons. Each new iteration enhances and adds complexity to the original while hinting at what’s to come.

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    The kronendal lovers, fable’s top-seller, accounts for half of all cocktail orders.

    The cocktail, made with Roku Japanese gin, elderflower, cucumber, citrus and soda, comes with a glitter-dipped paintbrush balanced on the glass’s rim.

    Yes, it’s visually captivating, with glitter swirling cosmically with every stir, but it is also a refreshing, layered and perfectly balanced concoction.

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    Josh wanted to create a space for a younger, more upbeat crowd to experience the flavours on offer, rather than the stiff service and staid atmosphere that can pervade South Africa’s hospitality industry.

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    When Cape Town’s finest DJs hit the decks and fable’s bartenders start lining up tumblers to prepare orders of the trickster (Jim Beam bourbon, red grape, coconut, citrus, and mint), the flying dutchman (Cruxland gin, winter melon, green apple, prosecco, citrus, and dill oil), the adamaster (Tanqueray No. 10 gin, litchi cordial, dry vermouth, salted aloe) or any of the five signature cocktails – the prospect of a good time is secured.

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    Fable’s vast menu includes wine, bubbly, beer and classic cocktails for those who prefer more subtle libations and a small menu of enticing comfort food that’s been cleverly curated to cater for mid-party cravings.

    On offer is a grilled cheese on brioche with bitters-infused butter; a ribeye steak served with charred peaches, whipped feta, crackers and microgreens; a Japanese katsu sando; or pulled pork sliders.

    If your hunger is more peckish than ravenous, fable’s small plate menu includes popcorn chicken, deep-fried olives, fries and crispy Patagonia squid.

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    Fable will quench your thirst with a story-telling cocktail, theatrically skilled bartending and undeniably fun vibes.

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    • Location: Corner of Bree and Wale Street, Cape Town, South Africa
    • Hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 5pm to 2am | Friday and Saturday: 4pm to 2am
    • Contact: 066 009 7786 | [email protected]
    • Website: fablecocktailbar.capetown
    • Instagram: @fablecpt

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    Written by Sarah du Toit for Cape {town} Etc.

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