• This is an exciting activity for both parents and little ones to do during the school holiday. DIY slime is just as popular as it was back in the day, and we see many influencers who also fulfil the role of parents making their own slime at home. Whipping up slime with your kiddies is sure to create lifelong memories. Although it might leave a bit of a mess, the pure joy and giggles will make it worth it!   

    Image: Mush/Facebook

    Recipe 1: Slime with only 2 ingredients  


    • Cornstarch  
    • Dish soup  


    • Add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch to a medium sized bowl  
    • Add ½ tablespoons of dishwashing liquid  
    • Once everything is in the bowl, start mixing the ingredients together  
    • After everything is combined, allow the mixture to sit for about 2 minutes

    *Note – If you find that the mixture is too dry, add a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid. If the mixture is too wet, add a little bit of cornstarch.  

    Image: Mush/Facebook

    Recipe 2: Slime with shampoo 


    • Shampoo  
    • Food colouring  
    • Cornstarch  


    • Mix a ½ cup of shampoo with 3 drops of food colouring.
    • Add 2 ½ cups of cornstarch to the bowl and stir until the slime looks like a crumbly paste.
    • Add water slowly and mix. 
    • Knead the slime mixture until you see a smooth and stretchy consistency.

     Recipe 3: Slime with conditioner 


    • Conditioner  
    • Food colouring  
    • Cornstarch 


    • Place ¼ cup of conditioner into a small bowl 
    • Add 2-3 drops of food colouring 
    • In a mixing motion, gently combine the food colouring and conditioner 
    • Add ½ cup of cornstarch to the bowl 
    • Combine the ingredients with a rubber spoon and mix 
    • Knead the slime with your hands. Make sure that you constantly knead the slime until the mixture is soft in texture 

     *Note – If the slime appears sticky, add more cornstarch. If the slime feels similar to playdough, then add an extra ½ spoon of conditioner. Mix until it feels smooth.  

    Image: Mush/Facebook

    Recipe 4: Slime with glue & saline  


    • White glue  
    • Saline solution  
    • Baking soda  
    • Food colouring  


    • Add white glue and food colouring to a small bowl and slowly combine  
    • Once combined. add 1 ½ or 2 tablespoons of saline solution and mix 
    • Knead the slime with your hands till it all comes together 

     *Note – if it feels too sticky an additional ½ tablespoon of saline solution can be added.  

     How will I know if the slime is at the right consistency?

    The best way to know that your slime is at the right texture is during the kneading process. Whilst kneading your slime, look out for a shiny and stretchy feeling to the mixture.  

     Take note:  

     Try this fun DIY slime activity with your kiddies this holiday and remember to supervise them during this activity.  

     Additional tips:  

    • Make sure your hair is tied during this activity.  
    • Wear old clothes. 
    • Plastic bowls are the best option for this activity. They are easier to clean. 
    • Make sure that you and your kiddies are happy with the colour choice. This is especially important for the fourth recipe as once the thickening occurs it will be hard to mix.  

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