• Nothing says summer like a get-together in the sun! Use our five tips to host a beautiful garden tea party:


    1. Make use of your own flowers. There’s no need to blow your budget on beautiful blooms if you have a garden full of flowers at your disposal. Use them to fill a couple of little vases in one long line down the middle of the table. This creates a modern, eye-catching centrepiece. You can also skip flowers completely and fill vases with fruit.

    2. Surprise your guests with a tea twist! Treat your guests to a tea they’ve never tried, like the range of flavoured teas from Five Roses. Let them choose their favourite flavour, from light and tangy Five Roses Lemon to the aromatic and exotic Five Roses Chai Spice; or the sweet, zesty and fragrant Five Roses Orange.

    3. Create a showstopper bake. If there’s one thing you should invest in, it’s the baked treats. Opt for something seasonal, like a rooibos poached plum and yoghurt tart!

    4. Bring out the heirlooms. There’s no better occasion to show off your vintage tea set, crystal vases, or the silver cake forks you still have from your wedding. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for an eclectic boho look.

    5. DIY table settings. Make your own napkin rings with a pretty printed ribbon that matches your colour scheme. Wrap the same ribbon around the cake, or hang it from branches above the table.


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