• Sometimes we don’t feel like cooking. There’s no shame in that!

    After a long day, it can be difficult to even look in the fridge to see what ingredients are waiting for you. A half finished lettuce? Those veggies at the back that look suspiciously past their sell by date?

    If you’re in Durban, have no fear as we have two deals for you that will save the day when you’re in a pinch.

    Homestyle pasta delivered to your door

    For R99 (a saving of 53%) until the 31st of May 2023, you can get two pasta dishes delivered to your door – for free – if you’re in and around Durban North.

    There are five delicious options to choose from, including a vegetarian option, that will make weeknight meals easy and fuss free.

    You can snatch up 5 of these deals if you want your suppers sorted for the weeks to come. Get it right here.

    Have Delicious Pasta Delivered To Your Door in Durban North


    Wholesome and creamy meals ready-made and at your door

    Choose one of five So Delicious Creamy Meal options and get it delivered right to your door in Durban North.

    These creamy homestyle meals feed 4-6 people for easy weeknight meals with the whole family.

    For R99 until the 31st of May 2023, you can choose between butter chicken, veg medley, tuscan lemon filets, and more! Plus, your ready-to-eat meal comes with a side of rice or pasta for a wholesome meal in one.

    You can grab five of these deals if you’d like to have five delicious homemade meals on the table in no time at all to feed the masses.

    Have A Delicious Meal Delivered To Your Door in Durban North

    Daddy’s Deals is our partner in good deals when you’re looking for fun foodie experiences.

    Looking for more deals in your area? Take a look at what else is on offer here.

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