• One of the best parts about the festive season is all of the gatherings and parties…but one of the most stressful parts is when you are hosting one of these gatherings yourself. We’ve put together all of the tips that you need to throw the perfect holiday party without raising your stress levels.

    Make a list

    It might seem obvious, but putting together a list of what needs to be done is a great way to keep your thoughts in order and get rid of any worry that you might be forgetting something. Lists will also help you keep track of who you might have delegated certain tasks to, and ticking completed items off your list gives you a sense of accomplishment that helps you to feel more organised and on top of things.

    Plan ahead

    If the party is a bring and share, make sure that you have checked with each guest about what they are bringing so that everyone doesn’t bring the same thing. If you are catering yourself, make a schedule of cooking that can be done in advance, and how long in advance. This means that you won’t have to spend the entire party cooking and will actually be able to enjoy yourself.

    Choose a theme

    Having a theme will make it much more cohesive and easier to plan and execute. A general theme can help with deciding what food to serve, how to do the decorations and even what music to play. For example, “White Christmas” or “Black and White” are examples of great themes that can influence the way that you execute your holiday party.

    Focus on the details

    Simple things like soft background music or Christmas crackers for the guests are great touches that can elevate a gathering. Make sure to put the food tables where you want people to socialise, as people tend to gather where food is. If you want the atmosphere to be comfy and casual, do away with a dining table and chairs and rather leave an open space with chairs dotted around to facilitate mixing and mingling. Think about the experience that you want to create for your guests.

    Have fun!

    Your guests are there because they are excited to spend time with you, so don’t sweat the small stuff and try to enjoy the time with your loved ones. A happy host makes for a great party, so try not to focus on everything being perfect and rather allow yourself to also appreciate the wonderful gathering that you’ve put together.

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