Oyster Wine & Food Festival: 31 August – 2 September 201/8

July 30, 2018
Oyster Wine & Food Festival

The 2018 Oyster Wine & Food Festival will take place in the first weekend of Spring from Friday, August 31 to Sunday, September 2.  This year’s event will be located in a delightful garden-style venue at The Stables in Chartwell.

The Festival will once again deliver an experience of gastronomic proportion and culinary delights paired with a beverage bonanza of note.  Visitors will not only be treated to exclusive products from gourmet food traders including the likes of Mozambican style prawns, sizzling steaks, smooth rich chocolate and the star of the show, the Oyster, but will also be able to meet wine makers, Cocktail designers, chefs as well as some of South Africa’s finest Method Cap Classique (MCC) producers.

“Our Oyster Wine & Food Festival (OW&FF) not only satisfies a visitor’s penchant for excellent food and beverages, but also offers guests the opportunity to participate in exclusive pre-booked events where knowledge is also shared by experts,” says Judith Lee, spokesperson for OW&FF, and wine & gourmet food connoisseur.

An Oyster Dinner prepared by, and shared with, legendary South African Braai Master personality, and first-class Chef, Justin Bonello, will take place on the evening of Friday, August 31.  This spectacular affair will not only be a platform to introduce diners to this culinary expert, who is similarly a popular author and filmmaker but will also offer the exclusive tasting of his creations in an environment which he is passionate about.  The dinner, which will be hosted by Samp & Soufflé Culinary Adventures, will be accompanied by a wild selection of wines and special prizes and can be booked through TicketPro.

And if you are keen to know whether a wine is great or just ordinary, then book at one of the eight fun and educational, Wine Bitches Wine Theatre sessions on Saturday, 1 September or Sunday, 2 September.  Judith Lee and industry expert, Charmaine Cockhead, will guide you through the chronicles of wine creation from vine to glass, where you can revel in the history of wine, delight in the idiosyncrasies that come to the fore in the making, marketing and consuming of this grape nectar, as well as learn about tasting and scoring.

For a more intimate and exclusive experience at the Festival, visitors can book comfortable seating at the VIP Pavillion where a platter of oysters, a glass of bubbly and delightful foods will be served. Exclusive parking and a bottle of wine to take home.

Entrance tickets for the event can be purchased on the day.

For more info, visit http://www.oysterwineandfoodfestival.co.za

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