• Zioux is the destination of icons and culinary exploration. Its exhilarating new chapter: Roaring Asian embraces Asian-inspired cuisine and invites people to explore and embark on a journey of vibrant ambiance and gastronomic delight. 

    “Roaring Asian” introduces a menu that is dynamic and showcases a wide variety of tantalising Asian cuisine. The menu has a great selection of delightful food, from crispy tempuras, sumptuous sushi and delicate dim sum. Main-courses are sizzling and range from wood-fired grill, with each dish promising a symphony of flavours made to tantalise both the palate and senses. The menu caters to those seeking lighter as well, from refreshing salads, poke bowls and a variety of Asian snacks. There is a little something for everyone. 

    Image: Zioux “Roaring Asian” Instagram


    At the forefront of this revolution of culinary delight is esteemed Chef Katsushiko Miyamoto, a culinary maestro originating from Matsusaka, Japan. With a profound understanding of South African palates and an unwavering passion for Asian cuisine, Chef Miyamoto brings more than just his culinary prowess to the table. Working hand in hand with Chef David Higgs, he infuses each dish not only with his expertise but also with a warm paternal touch. 

    Image: Zioux  Roaring Asian  Website

    His presence in the kitchen has transcended mere mentorship; he has become a guiding figure, a culinary patriarch to the team at Zioux. Through his nurturing guidance and genuine care, Chef Miyamoto strives to provide a dining experience that is not only memorable but also deeply personal, Zioux creates a sense of familial warmth that resonates with each patron. 

    Zioux has also taken on the task of evolving their décor, to enhance its opulent African Art Nouveau style with the addition of a vibrant Asian theme. From exquisite art pieces to stylish furniture and a newly expanded outdoor deck, every element of Zioux is poised to elevate the dining experience to new heights.  

    While Zioux aims to continuously enhance dining experiences, Thursdays through Saturdays quietly usher in a shift in ambiance. As the night unfolds, subtle transformations unfold. Resident DJs delicately weave a tapestry of tunes, setting the stage for an understated yet captivating nightlife allure. Amidst softly murmuring conversations, gentle melodies, and meticulously crafted libations, patrons find themselves drawn into an enchanting nocturnal rhythm. It’s a graceful transition from the culinary indulgence of dinner to the nuanced charm of an evening enveloped in understated sophistication.

    Image: Zioux Roaring Asian Website

    Zioux has always embodied the spirit of untamed freedom, and now, with ‘Roaring Asian’, patrons are invited to embrace their wild side once more. Let the alluring scents of Asia reignite the senses, awakening the tiger within as guests escape Western traditions and delve into a timeless world of exotic flavours and luxurious opulence.

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