• Nelspruit, the capital of South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, is not only a gateway to some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders but also a hub of culinary excellence. With its rich cultural diversity and access to an abundance of fresh, local ingredients, Nelspruit offers a vibrant dining scene. 

    Whether you’re a local looking for a special night out or a visitor seeking a memorable dining experience, these ten dinner restaurants in Nelspruit are sure to tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

    Discover 10 dinner restaurants in Nelspruit

    1. The Greek Kouzina

    The Greek Kouzina
    Source: Facebook/The Greek Kouzina Nelspruit

    The Greek Kouzina, tucked away in the bustling town of Nelspruit, offers casual dining for family and friends to enjoy. Heavily inspired by Greek and Mediterranean influences the restaurant celebrates a culinary experience that has a new and exciting approach to the rich and warm etiquette of the traditional Mediterranean styles of cuisine.

    Address: Sonpark Centre, 7 Faurie St, Sonheuwel, Mbombela, 1201

    Times: Monday – Saturday, 12 pm – 9 pm; Sunday, 11 am – 3 pm 

    Contact: 013 741 5371

    2. Orange Restaurant

    The orange restaurant
    Source: The Orange Restaurant/Facebook

    Situated in the heart of Nelspruit, Orange Restaurant is known for its elegant atmosphere and delectable fusion cuisine. The menu features a blend of South African and international flavours, with dishes like ostrich carpaccio and slow-cooked lamb shank stealing the spotlight. The extensive wine list complements the culinary offerings perfectly.

    Address: 4 Du Preez St, Mbombela, 1200

    Times: Monday – Sunday, 12–3 pm, 6–10 pm

    Contact: 013 744 9507

    3. Mediterranean

    Meditterean Nelspruit
    Source: @mediterraneanseafood/Instagram

    “Every member of your family will find something to tempt their palate on our menu,” is a firm statement made by a Mediterranean restaurant and they’re right! Mediterranean offers a diverse menu and is well-known as a sushi restaurant as well as a steak and seafood restaurant. The restaurant prides itself on being your go-to friendly family restaurant with something for everyone on its menu.

    Address: 1 Bitterbessie St, West Acres, Mbombela, 1201

    Times: Monday – Saturday, 11:15 am – 9 pm; Sunday, 11:15 am – 8 pm

    Contact: 013 742 2235

    4. Turn ‘n Tender Steakhouse Nelspruit

    Turn n Tender Nelspruit
    Source: Facebook/ Turn ‘n Tender Nelspruit (Nelspruit Crossing)

    Here, everything revolves around a love of great steak and an exceptional taste in wine. Their meat is of the highest quality and is provided by an exclusive central kitchen. From burgers, salads, and steaks to desserts, Turn ‘n Tender is a must-try restaurant when you’re thinking of dining out. Their wines on offer are hand-selected from only the best wine farms in South Africa.

    Address: Crossing Shopping Centre, Madiba Dr, West Acres, Mbombela, 1200

    Times: Sunday – Thursday, 11 am – 9 pm; Friday and Saturday, 11 am – 10 pm

    Contact: 060 999 1358

    5. O Espeto Restaurante

    O Espeto Restaurante
    Source: Facebook/ O Espeto Restaurante

    O Espeto Restaurante is a culinary gem that transports diners straight to the sunny shores of Portugal. This charming restaurant captures the essence of Portuguese cuisine with its authentic flavours, warm ambiance, and exceptional service. If you’re a seafood enthusiast, O Espeto will undoubtedly delight your palate. For those who prefer meat, O Espeto doesn’t disappoint. The restaurant offers an array of grilled meats, including tender and flavourful Portuguese-style chicken, picanha (rump steak), and mouthwatering lamb.

    Address: 7 Faurie St, Sonheuwel Central, Mbombela, 1201

    Times: Monday – Thursday, 11:30 am – 9 pm; Friday – Saturday, 11:30 am – 9:30 pm; Sunday, 11:30 am – 6 pm

    Contact: 013 741 1048

    6. Bistro Bistro

    Bistro Bistro
    Source: Facebook/Bistro Bistro

    Bistro Bistro’s well-designed, progressive menu redefines gourmet and traditional. Their expertly crafted meals offer twists within familiar meals creating an explosion of tastes, textures, and complete dining experience at great value. A unique selection of South Africa’s finest wines will compliment each dish while offering a different dimension to every meal. The versatility of not only the menu, but the physical space lends itself to any and every occasion.

    Address: 69 Aurora Dr, Mbombela, 1201

    Times: Monday – Saturday, 12 pm – 10.30 pm

    Contact: 013 013 0356

    7. The Reserve Restaurant

    The Reserve is a place of harmony, designed to be at one with the surrounding nature and the perfect place to unwind and find your inner peace. The open-plan Hazyview restaurant is a place where you can unlock your culinary senses, and indulge in an intimate, laid-back meal. Featuring classic, home-style meals as well as something a little more extravagant for those who want to take their taste buds on an unforgettable adventure, our restaurant has a most delightful menu.

    Address: R536, Hazyview, 1242

    Times: Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm; Friday – Saturday, 8 am – 8 pm; Sunday, 8 am-4 pm

    Contact: 079 361 9899

    8. Mozambik, Nelspruit

    Mozambik Nelspruit
    Source: Facebook/ Mozambik Nelspruit

    Inspired by the Afro-Porto fusion cuisine of Mozambik, the brand’s organic evolution has led to its current positioning; the taste of escape. It is a multi-sensory brand that is built around customer experience. In other words, dining at a Mozambik store delivers high-quality and tasty cuisine with an exceptional atmosphere and high service levels. Visiting Mozambik is like a mini holiday, a break, a taste of escape.

    Address: Shop 6, De Hallen, 104 Ferreira St, Mbombela, 1201

    Times: Monday – Saturday, 11:30 am – 9 pm; Sunday 11:30 am – 5 pm

    Contact: 087 057 3383

    9. Jasmine Restaurant

    Stylish dining, a large variety of home-style cooked meals, and something to suit every taste await you at Jasmine restaurant. In addition to family meals and restaurant specialties, the restaurant is also able to cater to group bookings for business meetings, special occasions, and events.

    For cocktails, drinks, or a light meal, the poolside terrace is an ideal choice for warm days. The hotel bar also offers the perfect setting for after-dinner drinks in a setting that is tranquil and restful.

    Address: Southern Sun, 15 Government Blvd, Riverside park, Mbombela, 1200

    Times: Monday – Sunday, 6 am- 10:30 pm

    Contact: 013 757 3000

    10. Cicada

    Cicada Restaurant
    Source: Facebook/ Cicada Restaurant Nelspruit

    Cicada Restaurant and Craft Bar is situated in the well-known Sonpark Food Zone in Nelspruit.  Cicada is becoming extremely popular for its sushi. These dishes are served in portions of 8 and are simple yet delicious. They even have biltong sushi served with avo and cream cheese. Other popular items on the menu include the Chicken Wrap, the Cicada Burger (with avo, bacon, mushrooms, and a cheese sauce), and the Peppadew Steak (layers of peppadew and cheese sauce over a 200g sirloin or fillet steak). One cannot visit Cicada without trying the Tipsy Banana, a delicious mix of banana, marshmallows, flakes, and Captain Morgan rum melted into a taste of heaven. 

    Address: Besters Last 311-Jt, Mbombela, 1201

    Times: Monday – Saturday, 6 am – 10 pm 

    Contact: 013 741 1751

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