• Jeffrey’s Bay, a small town in the Eastern Cape, is known for being one of the greatest spots in the world for surfing. It is known for bringing in both amateur and professional surfers to soak in the beautiful mountains and scenery while exploring the waves. The small community takes pride in diversity and the restaurants are no exception. Offering a wide range of restaurants to explore in the areas, both locals and tourists can indulge in the oasis that is Jefferey’s Bay leaving each place they visit not only with a full stomach but also with a piece of kindness and a taste of family. 

    A list of must-visit restaurants in Jeffreys Bay are listed below showcasing the heart of Jeffreys Bay through touching on its surfer culture and history but also on the diversity offered within the area with the joining of both local South African and international delicacies. 

    1.) Die Walskipper 

    Looking for a restaurant situated at the ocean’s edge in Jeffreys Bay, whilst getting a feel for history? Then Die Walskipper is the place to visit and dine next time you are in the area. The restaurant is known to be one of the oldest establishments in the area dating back to 1997. Owned by two hospitality industry experts the restaurant is not only a break away from city life but is meant to create a sense of a heaven. The restaurant offers a variety of different dishes prepared on open-fires immolating the essence of a home-cooked traditional South African meal filled with both South African flavours and originality. If you align with tradition and the South African ideal of togetherness, then Die Walskipper is your next pitstop! 

    Die Walskipper

    Die Walskipper
    Source: Die Walskipper/Facebook

     Location: Dolphin Dr, Marina Martinique Jefferey’s Bay 

    Website: https://walskipper.co.za/


    2.) Kitchen Window Restaurant 

    Kitchen Window Restaurant shares a deep history with the surfers at Jeffrey’s Bay inheriting its name from the surfers who located this spot using the kitchen window to see if the waves were just right for a good surf. The restaurant takes pride in its natural foods, using local farms and outlets to provide them with the best ingredients and healthy livestock. The menu showcases diversity and a little something for everyone from mature steaks to vegetarian and vegan options. The Kitchen Window is the perfect restaurant for dining and beach views with a wide range of shot options such as the Flying Monkey or the Kamikaze.  

    The Kitchen Window
    Source: The kitchen window/ Facebook

    Location: 80 Ferreira Street, Dolphin Beach, Jeffreys Bay 

    Website: www.kitchenwindows.co.za 


    3.) The Greek 

    The Greek is a family-owned restaurant that encompasses family recipes and traditions hoping to bring laughter and the feel of life into every customer’s body. The combination of both South African and Mediterranean produce serves for a great night out for dinner the feel of relaxation and ambience further pushes for the contemporary dining aesthetic. The menu consists of wraps, pizza, and mezza. The pizzas are a definite fan favourite amongst visitors who are taken on an international journey with every bite. The Greek is the place for culture and community on a wide scale. Make a stop on your next Jeffrey’s Bay visit and “break some plates” Opa! 

    The Greek
    Source:The Greek/Facebook


    Location: 31 Da Gama Rd, Jeffreys Bay, 6330 

    Website: www.thegreekrestaurant.co.za  

    4.) De Viswijf 

    De Viswijf is a restaurant known for its excellent service and seafood dishes that focus on the enjoyment of life and seizing the moment with its traditional, local exotic dishes. This restaurant is situated on the Southern side of Jeffreys Bay’s main beach giving both tourists and local occupants a beautiful scenery of mountains and the shore. De Viswijf aims to bring luxury dining to customers at a low price while entertaining guests with music that calms the soul. Aimed at consistency and the need to please, this restaurant is perfect for a girl’s night or even a wedding anniversary with not only delicious food but excellent food presentations.  


    Die Viswijf
    Source:Die Viswijf/Facebook

    Location: 1st floor, 55 Diaz Rd, Jeffreys Bay, 6330 

    Website: www.deviswijf.co.za 

    5.) The Mexican 

    Family-run restaurant The Mexican is known for making the best calamari and authentic Mexican food such as enchiladas and tortillas. The Mexican is a restaurant focused on the art of grilling specialising in steaks, burgers, and most importantly Mexican fusion foods. The Mexican provides an easy feel and is great for light dinners priding itself on catering to every customer’s needs by offering vegetarian options. The restaurant is excellent for a night out and for enjoying  with the locals of Jeffreys Bay. 


    The Mexican
    Source: The Mexican/Facebook

    Location: 9 Da Gama Rd, Jeffreys Bay, 6330 

    Website:  www.themexicanjbay.co.za 


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