• In a resounding testament to South Africa’s gastronomic prowess, three outstanding restaurants from the country have secured spots on TripAdvisor’s prestigious ‘Best of the Best Restaurants in Africa’ list. This annual accolade is granted to establishments that have amassed a considerable number of exceptional reviews and ratings from the vibrant TripAdvisor community over a span of 12 months, successfully meeting the platform’s stringent trust and safety standards.

    At the summit of this esteemed ranking sits La Colombe, in the enchanting Constantia region. Garnering widespread acclaim, this fine dining establishment has claimed the coveted number one spot in Africa, captivating the palates and hearts of visitors from near and far.

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    Reverie Social Table, another culinary gem located in the vibrant city of Cape Town, secures a commendable eighth position on the list, offering a truly remarkable dining experience. Meanwhile, the ninth spot is exquisitely occupied by La Petite Colombe, a captivating restaurant situated in the scenic town of Franschhoek.

    Notably, La Colombe’s triumph extends beyond the African borders, as it also secured a noteworthy position on the revered ‘Best of the Best Restaurants in the World’ list. Just missing out on the top ten, this Constantia masterpiece secures an impressive eleventh position, leaving a trail of delectable reviews by satisfied patrons in its wake.

    Natasha Kipepeo, a patron of La Colombe, raved about her experience, stating:

    ‘This was one of the best dining experiences! It was a ten-course meal that included delicious oysters, beef tartare, chicken, and beautiful dessert. Coupled with the incredible views of the restaurant and the walk around the vineyard, I would say that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.’

    Another diner enthusiastically shared their sentiments, ‘Absolutely incredible meal, from start to finish. The service was impeccable and every course was immaculate. It isn’t a short sitting as we were there for 4 hours, but if you are looking to enjoy the theatre of the meal and want to engross yourself in it, it’s the perfect place. Also, as a note, the server was great fun and made the evening for us.’

    Reflecting on the exceptional dining experience, Mel Pople expressed:

    ‘This must be the highlight of everyone’s trip. The service is just outstanding and the food is on a different level!’

    South Africa’s flourishing culinary scene continues to captivate both locals and global travellers, as these acclaimed restaurants exemplify the country’s dedication to culinary excellence. With their impressive rankings on TripAdvisor’s revered lists, La Colombe, Reverie Social Table, and La Petite Colombe truly shine as the pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship, beckoning food enthusiasts to embark on an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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    Written by Tsoku Maela for Getaway.

    Feature image: Reverie Social Table gallery

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