• Stellenzicht nurtures the vast, micro-climate soil pockets of Stellenzicht to steward and sustain what nature provides each year. Our wines truly are expressions of our terroir. As custodians of the beautiful Stellenzicht farm, we believe in protecting our natural resources through sustainable farming. These efforts help create an eco-system that protects our dragonfly population as well as our fauna and flora. This philosophy of sustainability drives our daily activities, as we consistently pursue balance in winemaking.

    Sustainability, treading lightly and the pursuit of balance is the key to the Stellenzicht wine philosophy: farming regeneratively, working with the terroir, and welcoming the dragonflies back onto their piece of mountainside paradise outside Stellenbosch. The eco-friendly Wine Pod sits equally lightly on the land. Without needing a concrete slab, it is perched on crow’s feet, meaning it can easily be moved, and fits seamlessly into the natural landscape. 80% of the Wine Pod’s materials are recyclable, and naturally create insulation in the colder months, meaning less energy used to create heat!

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    Dragonflies truly inspire the Stellenzicht philosophy of balance. Just as the dragonfly’s presence indicates a healthy ecosystem, the wines of Stellenzicht reflect the vitality and balance of our vineyards. By embracing the dragonfly’s symbolism, Stellenzicht creates wines that not only reflect the beauty of nature but also captivate the senses.

    When the Stellenzicht farm was rehabilitated in 2017, native fynbos restored to the land and regenerative farming practices implemented, we noticed the dragonfly population flourish around us. Dragonflies are highly sensitive creatures and will only inhabit an ecosystem that is balanced. With our modus operandi being in constant pursuit of balance, the dragonfly naturally became the symbol of our continued legacy of exceptional wine created from the best that nature offers.

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    At Stellenzicht, we believe in nurturing the unique climate and soil of our vineyards to produce wines that truly express our terroir. We are committed to sustainable farming practices that protect our natural resources and create a harmonious ecosystem. This philosophy of sustainability guides our daily activities, as we strive for balance in winemaking.

    Acheulean hand axes are an integral part of the Stellenzicht story. When the farm was revived by its new owner in 2017, Stellenzicht looked at what made its story unique but still part of its rich story and history. When sharp, stone objects were found scattered around the farm with no real explanation, we took a deep dive.

    When we took a look at the original title deed for the Stellenzicht farm, it was noted that it was “Not good for crops, only cattle. Too many rocks”, we realised that our unique soil and terroir is what makes our wines special, that the soil we have is actually perfect for our vines and the sharp rocky objects found on the farm are prehistoric tools made in the stone age by early humans. Thus, the Acheulean Range was born. Our flagship range, paying homage to our ancient heritage and the footprints that early humans left on our farm.

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    In honouring our history, and existing soils, we spent a great deal of time determining our soil types in order to plant the right varieties on the ideal site. This gives the vines the best possible chance to root itself within the ideal terroir. In order to nurture this terroir and the biodiversity around our vineyards, we look to nature and its natural indicators, adjusting our sustainable farming and winemaking practices in order to best express our soils and terroir through our grapes and wines.

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