• With life being so busy it makes sense why more people are leaning towards ordering their groceries online. Online grocery services like Mr D are said to be growing in the upcoming years according to eCommerce markets.  

     As society moves towards finding more convenient ways to shop, food delivery apps allow consumers more time to enjoy a meal with their friends and family. Food apps provide a means for your favourite grocery needs to be delivered straight to your door.  

     Why are more and more consumers moving to food delivery apps? 

     Research shows that 20.5% of consumers have been drawn to ordering their groceries and food online purely based on its convenience allowing them to spend their free time relaxing with the ones they love after a long work week.  

     Certain food delivery services and apps also offer various promotions and discounts that prove to be pocket-savvy and innovative for consumers who miss out on these perks within stores due to their busy schedules.   

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    Why should you be using Mr D for all your foodie needs?  

     If you have been tuning in for Ready Steady Cook this year, it’s clear as to why you need to be shopping for your weekly groceries and craves on the Mr D app. Not only will you get the opportunity to whip up your favourite dishes and desserts with their wide selection of ingredients and snacks, but you would also be saving yourself a grocery trip. 

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    We list the reasons why locals love Mr D grocery delivery services below:  

    • When ordering your groceries on Mr D, you can select the closet Pick n Pay in your area.  
    • Shopping online with Mr D not only saves you time, but money as well that would have been spent on petrol and parking tickets. 
    • The app is constantly evolving which means that accessibility increases regularly.  
    • Mr D provides nutritional information on products available. 
    • They offer plenty of bundles and deals both for online and in-store shopping.  
    • Food and grocery options are not just catered to you but your fur-babies as well. 
    • Mr D offers an efficient tracking system which allows you to see all the receipts of your purchases.  
    • Great options to save and favourite your much needed products and groceries  
    • Available in all regions and easy to navigate. 
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    Do not miss the opportunity to see all kinds of promotions and deals where you can save money while getting quality products. Tune into Ready Steady Cook, weekdays at 19:00 pm on SABC to see all the delicious meals sponsored by Mr D while getting amazing inspo for all the creative meals you can create in 20 minutes. 

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    In case you missed it, here’s a look into last week’s highlights of Ready Steady Cook SA

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