• The culinary magic of RSC SA shone brightly during the week of 17-21 June 2024, featuring innovative dishes, surprising ingredient swaps, and intense competition. Here’s a rundown of the week’s delicious highlights.

    Monday, 17 June

    The week kicked off with Chef Mmule Setati, and contestant Daniel Rampou of the Green Peppers team taking on Chef Kelly and contestant Norma Ngubane of the Red Tomatoes. Green Peppers tackled mystery ingredients like sweet potatoes, peanuts and raisins, BBQ marinade, tea leaves, and chicken wings. Their standout dishes included sticky BBQ wings, a unique peanut butter sweet potato curry, and a delightful peanut brittle.

    Red Tomatoes worked with blueberries, corned beef, double cream yoghurt, sweet chilli sauce, and butternut. They created roasted butternut atop a butternut puree with yoghurt dressing, a linguine sweet chilli corned beef pasta, and scrumptious blueberry galettes. Ultimately, the Red Tomatoes triumphed.

    Tuesday, 18 June

    On Tuesday, Chef Liziwe Mathloha and Tebza of the Green Peppers faced off against Chef Fehmz and Nozi of the Red Tomatoes. Green Peppers were given broccoli, guava, condensed milk, deshelled prawns, and Six Gun Spice. They presented air-fried broccoli with creamy dressing, prawn pasta, and guava custard crumble.

    Red Tomatoes were tasked with ginger, masala, green beans, lamb chops, and pomegranates. Their menu included ginger rice pudding with pomegranate sauce, fried lamb chops coated with flour, egg, ginger, and masala, and edamame-style green beans topped with a fried egg. Red Tomatoes emerged victorious again.

    Wednesday, 19 June

    Midweek saw Chef Lorna Maseko and Rearabile of the Green Peppers versus Chef Funi and Andiswa of the Red Tomatoes. The Green Peppers’ mystery ingredients were pasta, grapes, salmon, jelly, and olives. They concocted a creamy salmon pasta, chakalaka in red cabbage leaves topped with feta, and a fruity, sweet wine-like cocktail.

    Red Tomatoes worked with strawberries, hamburger rolls, custard, mince, and carrots. Their creations included a gourmet burger with carrot fries, vanilla sponge cake with custard topping, and an unjudged bean hummus dip. Green Peppers claimed victory with their flavourful dishes.

    Thursday, 20 June

    Thursday’s challenge had Chef Fehmz and Inathi of the Green Peppers competing against Chef Lorna Maseko and Akum of the Red Tomatoes. Green Peppers’ mystery ingredients included Chinese cabbage, blueberries, chickpea flour, gnocchi, and chicken breasts. Their offerings were seasoned gnocchi, blueberry pudding with croissant crumble, a cabbage and carrot slaw, and fried chicken chilli bites.

    Red Tomatoes had to work with croissants, kiwi, beef patties, wasabi, and chia seeds. They served kiwi coated in chocolate with pecan nuts and a sloppy joe made with the beef patties. Green Peppers won the day.

    Friday, 21 June

    The week concluded with Chef Kelly and Roxy of the Green Peppers competing against Chef Mmule and Toby of the Red Tomatoes. Green Peppers utilised green beans, caramel treat, pickled fish, pear, and couscous to create a couscous salad, fish taco, and blueberry and pear pancake with caramel treat glaze.

    Red Tomatoes worked with rump steak, Brussels sprouts, kiwi, chocolate, and bulgar wheat. They delivered a steak with Brussels sprouts, a warm bulgar wheat salad, and a kiwi kebab coated in chocolate. Green Peppers clinched the final win of the week.

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