• There’s so much to love about the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus. It’s no surprise that countless South Africans are hanging up their “city hats” in favour of making this charming hotspot their place of residence.

    Check out 5 of the best restaurants in Hermanus

    Whether you choose to call this town your permanent home or home for the weekend, food will surely be on the list of “things to do.” Here are a few delicious spots to check out the next time you find yourself admiring the ocean’s gentle giants.

    Fisherman’s Cottage 

    Fishermans cottage
    Picture: Fisherman’s Cottage/Facebook

    Hermanus has some amazing restaurants that provide some of the best seafood dishes, but nothing can beat the historic Fisherman’s Cottage. Patrons have the opportunity to tuck into fresh seafood dishes that include their famous calamari and out-of-this-world hake and chips while enjoying the ambience of this historic building (built in the 1800s). It’s also perfect for the kids with a play area available!

    • Location: 34 Harbour Road, Hermanus
    • Contact: 028 312 3642

    The Rock Hermanus

    The rock Hermanus
    Picture: The Rock Hermanus/Facebook

    A frequented destination for those making their way to Hermanus, The Rock is a popular restaurant that offers spectacular views of the New Harbour, Walker Bay and the Kleinrivier mountains. It’s seafood all day, every day with mouth-watering sushi and grilled dishes available for hungry patrons with their Breakfast Room catering to breakfast lovers – what more could you ask for?

    • Location: New Harbour, Hermanus
    • Contact: 028 312 2920

    Bientang’s Cave

    Bientang's cave
    Picture: Bientang’s Cave/Facebook

    This award-winning restaurant is truly a gem and a must for anyone looking to indulge their tastebuds and adventurous side. The restaurant is situated in a century-old cave and is nestled right on the shore of Walker Bay with the roaring ocean literally a stone’s throw away. Delicious food, cocktail hour and incredible views make this spot a winner!

    • Location: In a cave below Marine Drive 100m from Old Harbour, Hermanus
    • Contact: 028 312 3454

    Lizette’s Kitchen

    Lizettes Kithen -5 of the best restaurants in Hermanus
    Picture: Lizette’s Kitchen/Facebook

    Lizette’s Kitchen is teeming with history with the building dating back 100 years. The property itself is nestled between the Klein River Mountains and Walker Bay, so expect stunning views to be served alongside your food. From artisan flatbreads to Asian-style tempura fish, Lizette’s Kitchen is brimming with quality food served in a homey atmosphere that will leave you coming back for more.

    • Location: 20 on 8th Street, Hermanus
    • Contact: 028 314 0308

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    La Pentola 

    La pentola= 5 of the best restaurants in Hermanus
    Picture: La Pentola/Facebook

    This fusion restaurant is nestled right along Walker Bay’s shoreline which is perfect for those looking to enjoy the 360 panoramic views of the seaside paradise. La Pentola serves mouth-watering seafood and grilled dishes, but takes it a step further by blending local and international flavours that will leave your tastebuds singing. From freshly caught seafood to prime cuts of beef to exotic game dishes, their wonderful selection of dishes is bursting with flavour and culinary delight.

    • Location: 87 Marine Drive, Hermanus,
    • Contact: 028 313 1685


    Picture: Stocksy & Pexels

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