• We’re here with the official Food&Home conversion chart for all your baking and cooking needs! Now you can easily work out your measurements without having to pause to to the maths in your head!

    Food&Home Conversion Chart


    Cups to ml measurements can often get quite confusing!

    ¼ tsp 1.25ml
    ½ tsp 2.5ml
    1 tsp 5ml
    1 tbsp 15ml
    ¼ cup 60ml
    ⅓ cup 80ml 
    ½ cup 125ml
    ⅔ cup 150ml
    ¾ cup 180ml
    1 cup  250ml


    Baking powder 5ml  5g
    Bicarbonate of soda 5ml 7g
    Cocoa powder 15ml 7g
    Coconut, desiccated 250ml 95g
    Coffee granules 15ml  5g
    Cream of tartar 5ml  5g
    Custard powder 15ml  10g
    Gelatine, powdered 5ml  4g
    Yeast, dried 5ml  4g
    Yeast, fresh 5ml  5g


    Butter 250ml 225g
    Buttermilk 250ml 255g
    Cream, fresh 250ml 255g
    Milk 250ml 250g
    Sour cream 250ml 235g
    Yoghurt 250ml 250g


    Brown sugar 250ml 220g
    Castor sugar 250ml 225g
    Coconut blossom sugar 250ml 160g
    Demerara sugar 250ml 150g
    Icing sugar 250ml 145g
    White sugar 250ml 220g

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