• Rebels of the vine, Black Elephant Vintners are at it again with their unique wine and music pairing.

    Black Elephant Vintners are changing up the game when it comes to wine and the experience you have with it.

    They have taken their synchronicity and fortuitous friendships, as well as a deep and sincere love for wine, to bring you the birth of Black Elephant Vintners. 

    They established their title as the rebels of the vine by constantly trying to demystify the winemaking process to all enthusiasts, and are just getting better and better. 

    When you think of wine pairing, you would normally think of food with wine, but with Black Elephant Vintners it’s a totally different experience!

    They offer a unique wine tasting experience where you taste wine while listening to a song that pairs well with it. This highlights the tastes, you get the story of the wine, and you get to appreciate the good vibes. By believing that there are no rules when it comes to tasting wine, they have been able to cut out the stereotypical yadda yadda and pretentiousness of the wine industry and create one of a kind experiences for people to enjoy. 

    Each bottle is unique in its own way. Each wine and label has a story. Leaving this wine tasting , you will feel like you have bonded with wine in a way that you never have before. Associating the song you heard with the wine you tasted. 

    Dubbed the rebel wine makers, Black Elephant Vintners strives to demystify wines to all enthusiasts and offer wine experiences without the pomp and ceremony commonly associated with the industry. 

    Check out their unique music and wine pairing for only R150pp: Black Elephant Vintners wine and music pairings

    To make a reservation and experience this Vine and Vinyl wine tasting yourself, contact 021 876 2903 or email [email protected]

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