• In light of World Baking Day, here are our top 6 tips to help you along your baking journey.


    1. Stick to the temperature

    Many people often disregard the temperature stipulations in a recipe, but there is actually a reason why they are included. If a recipe requires room temperature eggs or milk, for instance, it’s because ingredients at room temperature emulsify into a batter much easier than any other.

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    2. Get to know your oven

    All ovens are not made equally. Gas ovens operate differently to electrical ones and many ovens have a hotspot (usually at the centre of your oven), that you can utilize to your advantage. If you don’t, it might be cause for disaster. Understanding your oven is key to know how long you need to pre-heat the oven for and even how long you need to keep your cake or cookies in for without smoking up your kitchen.

    3. Keep your oven closed

    The secret to a yummy baked good is that the baking environment is right. If you open your oven door before the right time, you could cause the collapse of a perfectly good cake, as the air escapes. The oven light and window exists for this very reason. Use them to take a peek inside, without compromising on the quality of baking environment.


    4. Don’t mix too much

    Some recipes actually require a lumpy batter for great results. Even if not said outright, sometimes overmixing can cause your baked goods to be tough. In some cases recipes will say “mix until smooth”, but most recipes just require you to mix the ingredients together until they are combined, nothing more.

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    5. Non-stick surfaces

    If you’re planning on levelling up on your baking, it would be a great choice to invest in some quality non-stick baking pans. This will ensure that your baked goods turn out clean and whole. If you are at the very beginning of your baking journey, and are not ready to make the investment just yet, you can use parchment paper or you can grease your pan well with non-stick spray or softened butter. You can also dust the buttered pan with flour or with the dry cake mix ingredients.


    6. Don’t fill the cake pan to the top

    We’ve all made this rookie mistake where we’ve filled the pan all the way to the brim. In baking, it’s not necessary as usually the baked goods will need room to rise. Simply fill the cake pan until it’s ⅔ full and leave some room for the cake to expand.

    Happy baking!

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    Written by Marian Volkwyn for Woman&Home.

    Featured image: Pexels