• We don’t really need an excuse to bake (and eat) a chocolate cake, but Chocolate Cake Day is the perfect occasion for a little more indulgence.

    We’re sharing some of our best chocolate cake recipes to add to your repertoire of decadent dessert ideas.


    Flourless chocolate cake

    Gluten-free baking just got easier with this rich and creamy flourless chocolate cake!

    Flourless chocolate cake


    Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake

    If you’re looking for a fun Saturday activity, try our super easy vegan chocolate cake!

    We used vegan butter, olive oil and vegan chocolate to create a perfectly moist, springy cake topped in a decadent chocolate ganache.

    This is an easy cake to make for a vegan friend’s birthday, celebration or just for some fun!

    easy vegan chocolate cake


    Donna Crous’ Celebration Chocolate Cake

    Find out how to make cookbook author Donna Crous’ dairy-free, gluten free and paleo Celebration chocolate cake!

    chocolate cake


    Light almond-chocolate cake with dark ganache

    This recipe is adapted from Tina Bester’s BAKE, and combines two things that should never be separated – almonds and chocolate. It is rich but light at the same time.


    Gooey chocolate cake served with crème fraîche and pomegranates

    A moist, rich cake that oozes lovely dark chocolate as soon as you dig into it.
    Gooey chocolate cake served with crème fraîche and pomegranates

    Swiss walnut and chocolate cake pairs perfect decadence together. There’s nothing like the combination of nuts and chocolate, and the proof is in this cake.

    Swiss walnut and chocolate cake recipe


    Beetroot and chocolate cake

    Beetroot and chocolate. An unlikely but delicious combination that comes together beautifully in this decadent cake recipe.

    Beetroot and chocolate cake


    Philips Airfryer Chocolate Cake

    Not only is airfrying much healthier than traditional deep frying, but you can also air grill, roast and bake. Yes, you can make chocolate cake in an airfryer and it’s quick and easy. The non-stick tray also makes it simple to clean.



    Dark chocolate cake with death-by-chocolate icing

    Death by chocolate – need we say more?


    Triple-chocolate crackle crunch cake

    This decadent Triple-chocolate crackle crunch cake will be the perfect end to your Sunday dinner.

    Triple-chocolate crackle crunch cake


    Macadamia and chocolate upside-down cake

    A decadent addition to your Christmas feast – or any feast really!

    Macadamia and chocolate upside-down cake


    Chocolate milk cake with figs

    The sweetness of this cake is beautifully offset by the addition of fresh figs and blueberries.

    Chocolate milk cake with figs


    Chocolate coffee cake

    How could you possibly go wrong when the two primary ingredients are almost universally-adored? Chocolate coffee cake is the perfect dessert or afternoon cake, full of flavour and deliciously moist.


    Chocolate-mayonnaise cake with cherries and dark-chocolate ganache

    An unusual ingredient to add to a chocolate cake, but it makes it wonderfully moist and decadent!

    Chocolate-mayonnaise cake with cherries and dark-chocolate ganache


    Chocolate truffle cake

    How about a decadently delicious chocolate truffle cake? It’s a must for an after dinner treat.

    Chocolate truffle cake recipe


    Chocolate cherry cake

    One bite of dark chocolate, creamy ganache and fruity cherries and you’ll be absolutely hooked on this recipe. Perfect for a special indulgence.

    Chocolate cherry cake recipe


    Chocolate chilli cake

    Chocolate and chilli is one of those combinations that was probably met with a few raised eyebrows upon being introduced. The two are just a little too different, right? Well that’s also what makes them so delicious together – the spiciness of chilli really complements the dark richness of cocoa. This delectable chocolate chilli cake is an example of a match made in heaven.

    Chocolate chilli cake recipe


    Butterscotch-glazed chocolate bundt cake

    You’ll be tempted to keep this butterscotch-glazed chocolate bundt cake all to yourself, but it’s the kind of delicious dessert that deserves to be shared. Full of chocolaty goodness and sweet syrup, it’s the perfect indulgence.

    Butterscotch-glazed chocolate bundt cake recipe


    Chocolate mud cake

    Who can say no to a chocolate mud cake? We love how easy this cake is to make, and the decorative opportunities are endless. Whether you sprinkle it with even more chocolate, or add some berries, or leave it as is, you cannot go wrong when you serve this cake to the ones you love.

    Chocolate mud cake recipe


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