• Trying to fit larger, more cumbersome appliances into a smaller kitchen space can cause endless frustration. But the thing is, those days are over – or, at least, they can be. From hybrid wonders to compact alternatives, you really can make the most out of smaller spaces.

    Here we’ll give you a rundown of need-to-have appliances that will be right at home no matter how cosy your kitchen.

    Believe the air fryer hype

    By now you will have run into a few enthusiastic air fryer converts… And while it may be easy to dismiss the hype around these nifty gadgets, you absolutely shouldn’t. Air fryers are basically compact convection ovens. This means that they can reach oven temperatures in only seconds.

    The intense heat in the basket allows you to cook the usual crispy delights without the mess (think schnitzels, chips, and samosas). But you can also do so much more. From roasting whole chickens to baking a batch of brownies, air fryers take the mission out of most kitchen endeavours. And the best part? It’s all ready in only minutes.

    Their small size makes them ideal for popping on the counter or neatly storing in a cupboard. So, if you’re equipping a small space and are into convenience, this truly is essential.

    Slimline cold storage

    One of the major space dominators in any kitchen is a fridge. When equipping a small kitchen, trying to accommodate a regular fridge can often become a stumbling block. However, the solution is simple: opt for slimline! These narrower fridges help free up space and generally cut down on cold clutter.

    If minimizing cold storage really is a no-go zone, consider running two energy-efficient fridges. Keep a regular-size fridge in your garage and run a small bar fridge in your kitchen. This is a convenient way to use minimal kitchen space, ensure you are consistently rotating your fridge stock, and, in turn, reducing food waste.

    Convection cooking

    While perhaps not the most glamourous appliances, microwave convection ovens are certainly some of the most useful! These nifty devices combine some features of two essential appliances – a microwave and a convection oven. This allows you to roast foods in addition to heating them as you would in a regular microwave.

    If your apartment isn’t equipped with an oven, this is the solution you’ve been searching for. Thanks to their supreme versatility and small size, convection microwaves have long been a great option for small kitchens.

    Bean there, ditch that

    Calling all coffee lovers! When downsizing, a full-size bean to cup coffee machine is too large to accommodate. That being said, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your cuppa.

    Replace your coffee machine with an AeroPress-style coffee maker or a Moka Pot. Both these instruments deliver premium coffee without occupying prime space. Plus, they’re great for coffee on the go and can even be packed for trips!

    Full-bodied brews shouldn’t have to cost you the convenience of counter space. Both gadgets can be easily stored when not in use, allowing you to make the most of your space, delicious coffee in hand.

    Cut through the inessentials

    If you’re downsizing from a larger kitchen, these are the first things you should consider rehoming

    • Novelty appliances: doughnut makers, chocolate fountains, and egg boilers.
    • Unnecessary doubles: similar-sized pots and pans, serving spoons, lunchboxes.
    • Additional dinner services: extra cutlery, serving bowls, underplates, and vases.

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    Written by Ashton Kirsten posted on Garden&Home.

    Featured image: Beazy via Unsplash