• With load shedding in our midst and becoming part of our everyday-life, finding new ways to save has become automatic. Whether it’s doing laundry, occupying storage or buying groceries, saving at the top!

    We have found ways in which you can arrange the items in your fridge in order to save electricity and keep the food fresh for longer.

    1. The top shelf is the least cold, so keep sliced and ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables there. Also place leftovers on this shelf, in sealed plastic containers. However, do not keep them for more than four days.
    2. Tie fresh herbs together with a string, and place them in a glass of water on the middle shelf. This makes them last longer.\
    3. Keep eggs on one of the colder shelves; never store them on the fridge door.
    4. Store cheese on a warm part of the fridge, such as the top door shelf. This prevents it from hardening.
    5. The fridge door is the warmest part of the fridge, so only store condiments, juices, water, wines and other liquids on these shelves.
    6. Place dairy products, such as yoghurt, milk and cream, on the bottom or middle shelf to maintain freshness.
    7. Generally, meat is kept in the freezer; but for short-term storage, place on the bottom shelf as it is the coldest. Make sure it’s in sealed packaging. Place it on a plate to avoid dripping.

    Tip: Always keep your fridge organised by throwing away spoilt food. Avoid overstocking and ensure that there is space between containers to allow air to circulate. This also saves electricity.

    Take these tips and apply them. You’ll be saving on electricity from the word go.

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    Written by Lucia Mthiyane posted on Bona.

    Feature image: Unsplash