• If a lemon curd, a lemon would! The humble lemon , a lovey and versatile fruit that can do just about anything! 

    Food&Home have found some of the “zest” ways to use up your lemons..


    Simply the Zest!

    Lemon zest is extremely flavorful and adds a burst of freshness to your favourite dishes. The zest contains essential oils and is not nearly as acidic or tart as the lemon juice.

    Lemon zest

    The lemon zest is some of the most flavourful part of the lemon. Lemon zest can be used in the following ways:

    • Finely grated and placed in the freezer until a recipe calls for a teaspoon or two of lemon zest.
    • Cut the zest into strips and candy them in a water and sugar solution. This is perfect for topping baked goods for that extra special touch.
    • Make some lemon seasoning. Simply dry out your lemon peels in the oven and once dried, chop into smaller pieces and transfer into a seasoning grounder/ pepper grounder with salt and any other seasoning you like.
    • Make some lemon infused olive oil. This is perfect for dressing or to drizzle over your meals.
    • Many health benefits


    When zesting your lemons be sure to remove the brightly colored flesh of the peel.  Avoid the white part, or pith, directly underneath the peel as this is quite bitter.


    The lemon juice!

    Its so sad to see a perfectly good lemon become all shrivelled up on our kitchen counter, so why not just juice it! Fresh squeezed lemon juice will keep in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks before it loses its vibrance and freshness. Keep it in a glass mason jar and use in salsas, drinks or any recipe that calls for lemon juice.

    Lemon juice

    Other uses for lemon juice:

    • Freeze the lemon juice. You can freeze it in large amounts  or in smaller portions in an ice cube tray and use them when you need them. Just thaw and use
    • Make a delicious lemon curd
    • Make a lemon syrup. Perfect to use in beverages or in baking.
    • Clean and remove tough stains with lemon juice.
    • Create a delectable body scrub with lemon juice, salt or sugar.
    • Create a organic cleaner all purpose kitchen cleaner


    The whole lemons and nothing but the lemon!

    Check out of seasonal fruit and vegetable chart to see when lemons are in season!

    How to use up all your lemons

    A few uses for whole lemons:

    • Preserve them for a beautiful show piece in you kitchen
    • Slice your whole lemons into thin slices and dry them out. This will create beautiful garnishes for drinks and baked good garnishes that will impress at your next get together.
    • Make some delicious lemon water to help detox

    Lemon used











    Lemons are a vesicle fruit form the heavens. Apart for them only being used in an array of recipes to help add a bit of a zesty and fresh twist. Lemons are also have many health benefits too!


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