• BASMATI A long-grained, fragrant rice grown mainly in India and Pakistan. It has a delicate, nutty flavour and is not sticky, as are most other long-grained rices. It comes in white and brown.

    ARBORIO This plump, short-grained rice results in a creamy, chewy dish due to the high starch content. It blends well with other flavours and it is the rice of choice for both risotto and rice pudding. It should be served al dente, like pasta.

    JASMINE Also known as Thai fragrant rice, this is a long-grained, sweet-smelling rice used in Asian cooking. Fresh jasmine rice has a delicate flavour, but when old it tends to taste woody and the aromatic scent will disappear entirely. Use very little water when cooking jasmine rice so that it steams instead of boiling.

    BROWN This unmilled rice has an earthy flavour and is more nutritious and fibre-rich than white rice.

    WILD This is not actually rice, but a highly nutritious watergrass seed that grows annually in cold rivers.

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