• 1. Stressed? A high source of potassium, figs can help lower and control your blood. The potassium found in figs particularly helps combat ‘salt-sensitive hypertension’.

    2. When steaming fish, place the fillet on coffee filter paper before placing it in the steamer. It’ll be easier to remove without breaking.

    3. Soothing for you: Vanilla extract is a natural boon for mosquito bites. Just dab some on the area and hey presto – itchiness gone!

    4. Did you know? It can take between 7 and 21 days to make a single jelly bean, depending on the type of jelly bean being made and the manufacturer.

    5. Remember: do not prick your sausages while cooking them, as doing so will release all their delicious juiciness.

    6. Aloes are incredibly handy plants to have in the kitchen. If you burn yourself whiel cooking, just break off the tip of a stem and apply the open flesh to your burn. Aloe Vera is antibacterial and will help your wound heal quickly.

    7. Don’t leave your sifted dry ingredients containing baking powder and bicarbonate of soda standing around for a long period before baking, as air works against these leavening agents and could cause your baking to flop.