• The family of cloves is available in a wide variety, with our focus being the flower buds of a clove tree, which are also referred to by their scientific name, syzygium aromaticum.

    According to Healthline – health information provider that consists of registered health advisors and medical professionals – cloves are known to be quite versatile and are available in both whole and ground forms.

    Cloves are a spice that is famously known for bringing a flavourful zest and spice to hot beverages and baked snacks, as the spice possesses sweet and aromatic qualities.

    Healthline further states that animal studies have concluded that the compounds found in cloves contain properties with health benefits such as assisting stabilise blood sugar and many others.

    Here are 4 creative uses for cloves provided by Premeditated Leftovers:

    Fighting off flies

    Pick an apple and poke approximately 25 cloves in it. After, set the apple with your clove aside in an area that is filled with flies and watch them disappear from that area.

    Fight off nausea

    To fight off nausea it is suggest that you chew on a piece of clove to target both heartburn and nausea. Use only a tiny piece and do not swallow the clove.

    Repel mosquitoes

    Mix 2 cups of water along with a handful of crushed cloves and pour this mixture in a spray bottle. When mosquitoes are present, spray into the air.

    Heal an earache

    To help soothe  your earache, take a cotton ball and dab a small amount of clove oil and place it in your ear.

    Meanwhile, providing us with a different perspective of creative ways on how to maximise the benefits of cloves is TikTok user Mbali Nhlapho. She is a prominent housekeeper who has hacks and solutions to all household issues.

    Mbali mentions of using cloves as a form of aroma in order to  keep your home smelling fresh. She advises boiling a handful of cloves and pouring orange peels to keep a fresh aroma around your home. Mbali also mentions that once the plain water of boiled cloves has cooled down, it also helps towards growing back receding hairlines.

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    Adapted from an article originally written by Dideka Njemla for BONA.

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