• • Double cream is the most versatile of the fresh creams as it can be poured, whipped and piped, floats on soups and coffee, and is best for cooking. Its legal minimum butterfat content of 48 percent makes it easy to whip and even better volume can be obtained by adding a tablespoon of milk to every 150ml double cream.
    • Whipping cream is ideal for whipping and piping. It has a fat content of below 35 percent but will whip to double its volume.
    • Single cream works well for drizzling over fresh fruit salad. However, it won’t whip or freeze. It has a minimum fat content of 18 percent so it is thinner than double cream and whipping cream.
    • Half cream has the lowest minimum fat content of 12 percent. Like single cream, it won’t whip but it is the healthier option for pouring over desserts and adding to coffee.
    • Clotted cream has a distinct nutty flavour and is perfect with scones and strawberry jam. It’s also great for spooning over warm desserts like apple pie.
    • Sour cream is ideal in savoury dishes and can also be used in salad dressings to enhance flavour and texture. It’s delicious dolloped over baked potatoes with some chives and crispy bacon sprinkled on top.

    Add a squeeze of lemon juice to double cream to make instant sour cream.