• Have you ever experienced the overwhelming feeling of standing in line at a coffee shop, looking at the menu you might even be sweating a little, because there are just so many different coffees to choose from, and you don’t actually know what any of them mean! By the time you get to the counter to order, you just go with what you know, and never try anything new or different.

    Been there, done that!

    The good news is, we’re covering everything you need to know about the various coffee types. Hold on tight, we’re diving deep into getting to know your favourite morning go-to drink.

    Know your Coffee!

    It only takes a few coffee beans and different milk-to-water ratios to make the biggest difference in your favourite coffee order…


    Black coffee is as simple as it gets.  A dash of ground coffee beans steeped in boiling water served warm and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

    If you want to sound fancy, you can call black coffee by its French name: Cafe Noir. Also, In true black coffee form, it’s taboo to add milk or sugar to your java, it takes away from the quality of your cuppa.


    An Americano holds a similar flavour to black coffee but consists of a concentrated espresso shot diluted in hot water.

    Pro tip: if you’re making your own, pour the espresso first, then add the hot water.


    This might just be the most popular coffee drink. It’s a shot of espresso and steamed milk, with a touch of foam.


    Cappuccino is a latte but has more foam and more steamed milk. A cappuccino can get quite decorative with milky froth designs, or topped with sprinkles of cocoa powder or cinnamon.

    Flat White

    This Aussie-born drink is basically a cappuccino without the foam or chocolate sprinkle. It’s an espresso drink with steamed milk.


    A cortado is the perfect balance of espresso and warm steamed milk. The milk is used to cut back on the espresso’s acidity.


    This one is for the chocolate lovers. The mocha is a chocolate espresso drink with steamed milk and foam. The perfect mix of hot chocolate and coffee!


    Irish coffee consists of black coffee, whiskey, and sugar, topped with whipped cream.


    Know your Iced Coffee!

    Iced Coffee

    A coffee with ice – it’s as simple as that. Typically served with a dash of milk, iced coffee is really refreshing.  Iced coffee fanatics know that whipping up this delicious drink at home is tricky but once you get it right it’s magical.

    Cold Brew

    This is the trendiest of the iced coffee family. Cold brew coffees are made by steeping coffee beans for anywhere between 6-36 hours, depending on how strong you would like your cold brew. Once the beans are done steeping, adding cold milk or cream is optional.


    The Frappuccino is a blended iced coffee drink that’s topped with whipped cream and syrup.

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    Written by Amy Steenkamp for Woman&Home.

    Feature image: Pexels