• “This summer cold-brewed coffee is all the rage – the slower brewing process means the coffee has a sweeter flavour, and is deliciously refreshing. I’m not talking about the cold coffee, which has long been associated with large coffee-shop chains, whipped cream and loads of sugar. I’m going to be cold-brewing coffee in a big batch, storing it in my fridge and pouring a glass over loads of ice instead of my usual hot morning coffee. I’ll be drinking mine black, but add a little sugar and a dash of milk or cream, if you prefer. Here’s a lovely article on all the ins and outs of cold-brewing, and a how-to, which doesn’t require buying anything to cold-brew yourself – you’ve got all the equipment in your kitchen already!

    6 steps to making your own cold-brewed coffee: 

    1. Set your grinder to its coarsest setting – you’re looking for a consistency similar to that of breadcrumbs.
    2. Take a sterilised jar and place your grounds at the bottom of the jar. Cover them with cold water with a roughly 1:8 ratio of coffee to water.
    3. Stir gently until the water and coffee grounds are combined, cover and leave to steep for 18 – 24 hours (this could be in- or outside of the fridge).
    4. After the coffee has brewed, strain it into a large bowl through a sieve to remove the larger grounds. Discard these and then, tucking a muslin cloth or a few sheets of paper towel into the cleaned sieve, strain back into the jar.
    5. Repeat two or three times, until there is no murky residue at the bottom of your jar. If you can’t sift out all the residue/grinds, don’t worry – it means that your grind-setting was probably too fine. Practice will make perfect!
    6. Serve over ice with milk and sugar (or without – whatever your preference is). You can keep the brew in your refrigerator for up to a month (due to its low acidity levels), so serve up for up to a month whenever you’re in the mood!”

    By Claire Ferrandi, Food & Home Entertaining Food Editor