• In honour of National Doughnut Day, happening today (1 June 2018), we’ve rounded up some of our favourite doughnut facts.

    1. Renée Zellweger apparently ate 20 doughnuts a day to gain weight for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

    As much as we love, love, love a good doughnut, or two, or perhaps three, we cannot imagine having to eat 20 doughnuts a day! But, if it’s worth it, who are we to complain, right?

    1. Doughnuts were served to soldiers during WWI.

    “Doughnut Girls”, female volunteers of the Salvation Army, would bring doughnuts and coffee to the soldiers in the trenches of France during World War I. This was done to remind the soldiers of home.

    1. Doughnuts were originally known as olykoeks

    The Dutch are widely attributed to taking olykoeks, or oil-fried cakes, to the USA. Also knowns as oliebollen, these Dutch doughnuts traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands and Belgium. One legend states that Berchta (the German goddess and guardian of the beasts) sent out demons to find food among the Germanic tribes in the Netherlands during the 12 Days of Christmas. Those who ate the oliebollen were safe from Berchta’s evil spirits.

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    1. Doughnuts have their own celebratory day

    Doughnut Day or National Donut Day is celebrated in the United States of America on the first Friday of June of each year. That’s definitely not stopping us from celebrating these deliciously fried goods in South Africa too!

    1. More than 10 billion doughnuts are made in the USA every year

    That’s a lot of doughnuts, for sure!

    1. The first doughnut machine was invented in 1920.

    Adolph Levitt invented the first ever doughnut machine.

    1. The Guinness World record for consuming the most doughnuts is set at 29

    The Guinness World record for doughnut eating is held by John Haight, who consumed 29 doughnuts in just over 6 minutes in 1981. WOW! Colour us impressed!

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    1. The doughnut dunk trend happened by accident

    To ‘dunk your doughnut’ was allegedly introduced as a trend after actress Mae Murray accidently dropped a doughnut in her coffee.

    1. Doughnut vs donut?

    It doesn’t matter. Both spellings are accepted! ‘Donut‘ is just a shortened version, believed to be made popular in the 20th century by Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Compiled by Imka Webb

    Imka Webb

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