• Listen, I’m a sucker for a restocked fridge. I could scroll through TikTok’s restocking wormhole for ages, watching people immaculately organise their groceries. Everything has its own spot, and I’m here for it. From wildly satisfying restocks to Marie Kondo urging us to throw out those old condiment bottles (unless they spark joy), I get it…

    However, the latest trend in fridge organisation videos has me stumped. A user named @GardenofEve recently took to TikTok, sharing a video of the inside of her fridge, complete with plant fronds and a framed picture of the family cat.


    Replying to @cawrenjewelry I needed to do it 😻 #decor #fyp

    ♬ original sound – Asia Lin

    A bit much, or no? That’s not where it ends, though. @GardenofEve regularly does this kind of restock, changing up the decor in her fridge with objects that you wouldn’t usually spot in one.


    Super Freaky Fridge #fyp

    ♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

    I mean, how did she fit an entire bouquet of flowers into her fridge, and still have space for 10 beers and a hundred bottled waters?

    Sure, it’s cute, but I’d rather use that space for snacks, they rank higher on my list of priorities. Imagine having a kid that regularly trawls the fridge, and the mayhem that could be caused if he/she accidentally messed with your fridge feng shui? It’s not worth the nerves.


    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY #LOVE #food #decor #organize #restock #fyp

    ♬ L O V E – Michael Bublé

    However, @GardenofEve’s audience is divided.

    @meganprives comments: BRAVOOOOOO 😍😍😍 but asking for a friend- is there a separate non-aesthetic fridge for leftovers?

    While @raechriss says: “I didn’t know this was even possible, but I’m in love with your fridge!!!”

    @js222__vntg asks “Wait, why are there branches inside your refrigerator…”

    While @trizzkalifah says “I want to be this fridge when I grow up.”

    And @chassstastic’s says:  “These have just become satire. Who puts pasta in the fridge? Who puts real LIVE flowers in the fridge to die? I would rather have a fridge with food in it. Too extra for nothing. 😂

    Where do I stand? Well, I love my cats, but I’m not ditching the cabanossi or the grapes to put up a framed picture of them. As far as the whole bouquets and various plant fronds go, I draw the line. If I want to admire my pretty flowers, I’m putting them on a table, or countertop…

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    Written by Savanna Douglas for Woman&Home.

    Feature image: zoranm via Getty Images