• Appletiser launches two exciting new flavours and adds to their line of premium beverages. These have formed part of the Appletiser Colours range – Appletiser Colours Pink (Apple & Strawberry) and Appletiser Colours Amber (Apple & Peach).

    Appletiser Colours Pink fuses the crisp apple flavour of the original Appletiser with strawberry juice. Appletiser Colours Amber is a combination of the original apple flavour and peach juice. Both flavours are made with 80% real fruit juice and 20% water, resulting in the perfect balance of flavour.

    “We are excited to expand our range of Appletiser products, the addition of Appletiser Colours will offer customers a larger variety of products to choose from. Appletiser has always tried to be innovative when it comes to bringing out different flavour combinations and Appletiser Colours is no different. The unique pairing of Appletiser Colours Amber as well as Appletiser Colours Pink offers consumers a different and new taste experience that they are sure to enjoy”, says Serena Ramiah, Appletiser Brand Manager.

    Appletiser Colours can be found at stores nationwide and is available in 1.25 litre bottles and 330ml cans.

    For more information visit Appletiser.co.za.

    Appletiser launches two exciting new flavours